Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vintage Done Daily-Pop Quiz!

I enjoy using old kitchen tools. If you asked me what my kitchen's theme is, I'd probably answer "eclectic." But a better answer might be, "1930's or so."

In this photo are some of the old kitchen tools I use on a regular basis--just some of them. I have quite a few others, and I love them. Old kitchen stuff is sturdy, made out of real stuff like metal, glass, pottery and wood. It's usually hand-powered so it's not likely they'll quit working unless I do. I find satisfaction knowing I am cooking with hand tools that have been used for years before me by other cooks.
For a little January fun, here's a pop quiz: How many of these items can you identify? Some are easy, of course, but can you also tell me the brand name of the cannister, the maker of the mixing bowl and little orange pitcher? (I count 21 items in the photo--is that right?)


Anonymous said...

Okay, there are mysterious items on the table I've never seen before, like the one beside the corer...make that on both sides of the corer, one blue and one wire. and midway beside the pastry thingie, with the curved blade...that's new. The bowl is one of three, fiestaware, or hazel atlas moderntone, or yelloware pottery. The little jug? Okay, not a clue on that or the canister. Hmmm, that's all I got, the rest may not be correct but I know what they're used for...does that count?

Granny Sue said...

Good guesses, Julie. You're close on some of them. I'll wait til others post to tell what they are.
You're up early today! And now I'm off t work.

First50 said...

The creamer is Fiesta ware. I have a blue one just like it. I think the bowl is a crock. The cannister I don't recognize.

I have many of the same old fashioned tools in my house, except that great funnel. Want to sell me the funnel?

On a different topic, I love the way you pull in feeds from the blogs you read. Is that a gadget available only from Blogger? Does it have a name?

Rainbow Tree said...

these items look like my everyday kitchen stuff! ;-) I see a juicer, canning funnel, jar lifter, pastry blender, slicer, ice cream scoop, noodle strainer, flour sifter, beaters/mixer in the glass pitcher, possibly a fire-king bowl and wooden spoon of course. I have used a small red pitcher like that before when making my rue for gravy. I think I see a grater/shaver as well. I see a cheese slicer and ice pick as well! I'm sure I missed a couple.

Wonderful to know I am not the only one with an eclectic kitchen! ;-) Many of the items I use are my grandmothers.

Rainbow Tree said...

I missed the biscuit cutter! lol

Laura said...

I'm trying to go clockwise--
I think the pitcher is FiestaWare--I have the larger one, but it isn't Fiesta-- 1. ice pick (I have the same one), 2. bisccuit cutter (have the same one), 3. pastry blender, 4. cheese slicer, 5. egg beater in a cup, 6. juicer, cream scoop, 8. apple slicer/corer, 9. tongs to lift canning jars out of water, 10. nice flour sifter with the fruit motif, 11. long-handled spoon with drain holes, 12. The black thing is some kind of funnel.
Not sure about the spoon that looks like it has chicken wire on it.
I know I missed a few--

Mary said...

Whew! Very comprehensive lists! I did recognize the orange juicer, ice pick, pastry knives, apple corer/slicer, and ice cream scoop -- I have some similar items. Once pointed out, I recognize the jar-lifter and biscuit cutter -- and I love the hand-powered mixer. What a useful and intriguing collection.
When I moved, I re-discovered a stacking set of four plastic canisters for various snacks. I think my mother gave it to me for my college dorm room. I've put it on the counter for a bit of color and memory.

Granny Sue said...

You guys are good! rainbowtree and Laura, you've got most of it between you.

Virginia, I'm not sure about the gadget I use or if it's available elsewhere. It's part of blogreader-you can select how you want, or if yu want, to display the feeds. What I don't like is that it only shows a few of the 20 or so in my reading list. I'd like to be able to share them all because I find them so interesting. I've yet to figure out how to change that.

Mary, those cannisters are probably for sale in antique shops now! Not saying you're old, but I'm seeing things I had when I first married in shops with hefty prices. It's kind of a shock, somehow, to know others consider these as antique when to me they're still modern stuff.

City Mouse said...

Hmmm. We had a lot of kitchen things from my Grandmother. I might be good at this -

Glass Juicer
Canning Funnel
Ice Cream Scoop
Apple Corer
Doughnut Lifter
Pitcher Egg Beater
Fiestaware Bowl (maybe)
Wooden Spoon
Flour Sifter
Fiestaware Creamer (definitely)
Canning Jar Lifter
Ice Pick
Dough Shortening Cutter Thing
Biscuit Cutter
Rocking knife/
Long Spoon with Holes (boiled eggs?)

I don't know exactly what the sort of rocking knife/chopper with the black handle is (other than just that), and the orange/red canister has me stumped.

Janet, said...

Ok my turn.

creamer (I don't think its Fiesta,tho, like a lot of people are saying)
flour sifter
yellow ware mixing bowl
jar lifter
ice pick
biscuit cutter
pastry blender
cheese slicer
can opener - maybe
egg beater
wooden spoon
oj juicer
ice cream scoop
apple corer
not sure about that spoon, maybe a strainer scoop of some kind
I can't see the things too good on the right, need to be able to magnify the picture for us bloggers with old eyes.
I like your things, Susanna. I have a lot of those too. I kind of collect old kitchen stuff.

Rebecca Clayton said...

That's a pretty sifter--mine is just plain. I have most of the same things in my kitchen, too. Now that metal thingy you use to dip the cracklin's out of the lard you're rendering...I have one of those, my grandma and mom used it, but I don't know what you call it, or what it's "really for." (I mean the thing Janet called a "strainer scoop.") I'll be interested to know its "real name."

Oh, and Mom used the little bitty grater for nutmeg and nothing else. What's it "really for?"

Granny Sue said...

Janet, you're right. Another friend emailed off-blog to say she didn't think the pitcher was Fiesta either. The bright color and simple lines would lead one to think that, though.

You nailed many of the items. I bet by the time we're through all 21 will be named by someone. I'm still waiting for someone to tell the name of the maker of my bowl!

Laura said...

I'm back, I looked at my pitcher that is similar, but larger. It is made by Hall's. I'm stumped on your mixing bowl, unless it is Pyrex. We had some of my great-grandmother's that were Pyrex and we broke them in college by putting them in the microwave.

Farm Girl said...

Bowl, by McCoy?

Granny Sue said...

Man, you guys know your stuff!

The pitcher, I'm fairly sure, is Hall's as Laura said. It has USA and #1 on the bottom, but that's all. We had a big creamy-white one when I was a kid and it was the one we used for kool-aid. One of my sisters has it now--it had a shiledo n the spout for ice, very cool.

The bowl, as Farm Girl guessed, is most likely McCoy or possibly Bauer, but I incline toward McCoy because it would have been made very near here and the Bauer bowls look heavier. The style is ringware and I have a smaller blue one just like it. I absolutely love the yellow bowl--it's nice and big!

As for the rest, I'll wait until tomorrow to tell what they are, because a few more people might want to chime in.

Patty said...

I see a juicer, a apple corer I think some sort of a sifter, the thing in the middle is to kneed dough with, an icepick, jar lifter, and some stuff I have seen but not sure what they are called..The yellow bowl and orange pitcher are probably McCoy

Marilyn said...

I love this collection. I, too, have many of these items, and I agree with others about most of them--including the nutmeg grater. But isn't the mixing thing in the jar a butter churn? There are a couple of things I can't see in enough detail to figure out what they are. How do you come up with such wonderful ideas for your blog? On a not-so-old-fashioned note: When my sister-in-law died and her sisters were going through her things, one kitchen tool had them stumped, so they said that anyone who knew what it was could have it. And that's how I acquired my avocado slicer.

solsticedreamer said...

what gorgeous old thing still being lovingly used :)

i have to admit i look out for old things to use in and decorate my home with~i have a huge aversion to new gadgets that really have no longevity it them

earth heart said...

I missed this post so I'm a bit late. I absolutely LOVE vintage kitchen ware. Now let me see here...

a glass juicer - I have one just like it. :)
a canning funnel - I have my mother's old aluminum one and a heavy glass one I wouldn't part with for anything.
a jar lifter
a lemon zester/small grater
red cream pitcher - Hull or Hall, maybe even Lu-Ray?
herb chopper
ice pick/awl
pastry blender
biscuit cutter
cheese slicer
ice cream scoop
apple corer
slotted spoon
ladle sieve for deep frying
egg beater
McCoy (my guess) batter bowl
wooden spoon
flour sifter
grease can or canister

I'm not sure about the gadget behind the apple corer. It's kind of hard to see. Is it some type of lifter or grabber?

Great items, Susanna!

apertado da Hora said...

Classic stuff never fails

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