Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Hey, it's my blog's anniversary! (Here's a link to my very first post) It's two years old this evening. My first few posts were tentative, feeling my way in a new territory and sorting out what I wanted the blog to be, what I wanted to say and share.

Some of the things I wondered about:
How much of my life do I share?
Should I tell about work?
Should I tell about my family?
Should it just be related to storytelling?
Or should it be about writing and nothing else?
Should I write about gardening, country life, canning?
What about recipes and poetry?
And pictures? How do I do that? Do I want to do that?

As you can see if you've been reading for a while, I write about all of the above topics, except work--my job is pretty much taboo for the blog. My job is not my life--all those other things are my life. When I'm home or writing, I want to forget the many stresses of the job and enjoy being here and now, and remembering the many good things in my past.

Some people might say this is a feel-good blog. Perhaps it is. But I am a generally happy person and I want to share that good feeling, and the peace of country living and storytelling with others through my writing.

Tipper, City Mouse, MK Stover, Mary, Tiger Lady, Jason, Mike and Theresa, you were all my first readers, I do believe, or at least you're the ones I know about. Thank you for being such loyal friends.

If you've been reading for a while anonymously, thank you.

Matthew, Janet, and the many others who offer comments regularly, thank you for sharing yourselves with us.

If you're a newcomer, welcome! I hope you return again and again, and share your thoughts with the rest of what has become a small community of friends.


Janet, said...

Happy anniversary! and hope you share many more years of blogging with us.

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, Janet! It's amazing to look back through the posts--it's like reading my diary of the past two years, only with pictures and conversation.

Tammy in Ohio said...

Congratulations...I'm glad you blog about "all of the above", I enjoy reading here daily but don't always comment.

I'm still thankful for winning one of your CD' Hubby and I enjoyed it so much on our trip to KY and then the KY grands loved it too!

Here is to many more posts!!

earth heart said...

Happy blog anniversary Granny Sue! I think most of us have these or similar questions when we start blogging. I read your words often and enjoy the things you share immensely! Here's to you and the content of your blog!

Matthew Burns said...

Congrats Granny Sue for the accomplishment. I love this blog, it has opened my eyes to many aspects of life that have long been forgotten. It keeps me rooted to the land in this world of great upheaval. Thanks.


Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow! I love reading you blog. I am a big supporter of oral traditions. I am in awe of all of you out there working to keep the wonderful tradition of story telling for our children. Your blog...You are what being a West Virginian is all about. Down to earth and kind. Earth friendly. Family oriented. Keep up your wonderful writing.

City Mouse said...

Happy Anniversary! I didn't realize that we started at almost exactly the same time! I remember first finding your blog - and how neat it was so find such a wonderful new read and like-minded soul. Happy year!


Happy Anniversary. Certainly was a happy day for all of us when you decided to blog. Love your world.

solsticedreamer said...

happy anniversary :)
i am really new here but love it so much!

Granny Sue said...

Thank you, everyone! Seems like I ought to be cutting a cake or something :-)

The fun of writing this blog is finding topics that interest others as well as myself. Marilyn asked how I get ideas for posts. What happens has developed over time. The more I wrote, the more ideas I had. The more photos I took, the more I saw things I wanted to photograph for the blog. The more I photographed, the better the pictures got; and the more I wrote the better my writing and choice of topics got too. I think it's a process of developing a voice, one that is different from writing fiction and short stories. Here the voice is more first-person, more informal and assumes that there could be response to what I write. A story does not assume that the writer will ever hear from the reader. That's why blog-writing is like storytelling; there's an immediate interaction between me and the reader, just as in storytelling there's an immediate interaction between me and the listener. I think that's why I enjoy doing both so much.

Granny Sue said...

Tammy and Ellouise, I should have included you both in the long-time listener list! Solsticedreamer, I am glad you came to join us. And all the others who come by regularly, those who are listed in the Followers and those who come when you can, thank you. It's a pleasure to be with you.

Sue said...

I'm always checking in, Granny Sue.
Love to see what you are talking about.
Happy Anniversary. Don't know how you do so much in a day!

sue black

Tiger Lady said...

Congrats on your anniversary and thanks for the link to the first blog. I had't realized that I never read it. Your blog has come so far since that first post. Congrats!

Mary said...

Thanks for wonderful insights . . . and the photos! I'm so glad you decided to learn how to share your wonderful photographs. Congratulations on building a special space for sharing all your special places.

bayouwoman said...

i'm a fairly new reader, and I love your blog. I just don't have enough free time to come here as often as i'd like!

Granny Sue said...

BW, I've been reading your blog for over a year, I think. I love the glimpse of life on the bayou. Like you, I can't get to all the blogs I read daily, but I get to yours as often as I can.

Tipper said...

Congrats on the anniversary!! I still remember my excitement when I found your blog-I knew I had found a kindred spirit-and hopefully a friend. Now I know I found both!

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