Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For My Cousin John

These pictures are for my cousin John Hagger in England. Recently John emailed me and I was so delighted to hear from a relative I've heard much about over the years, but never met. John is the son of my mother's brother, Uncle Ted. John, I hope you enjoy these and perhaps can identify some of the people in the photos. We think we know who there are, or most of them, but there are a few mystery faces:

This first one is Mom and her sister Grace, perhaps taken at Caldecote or at their home Ashlynn in 1935 (were they still at Ashlynn then?):

Another photo of Mom with Grace, apparently out to have a very good time:

My mother's mother, Granny (Florence Hagger) came from England to see us about every 2 years, I think--I remember her coming quite often, and she would stay for several months. She always came by ship, even when flying was the more popular mode of travel. That's my oldest brother Bill with them. I don't know where the picture was taken.

This one says "Heacham, 1938." I don't know the lady on the left, but that is Mom in the center and her mother on the right. Note the teacups and Mom's happy face!

Apparently this was taken in 1930, on the day of my mother's father's funeral. That would be my Uncle Ted on the left, perhaps Grace in the center, and Mom on the right. She was three at the time.

This had a note on the back that it is my mother's father, Ernest Thomas Hagger, who died when his bicycle was hit by a lorry.

Many thanks to my sister Julie who scanned these and gave CD copies to all of us. These pictures give us a look back at my mother's family and life as a girl. I'll have more to post in the coming days.


solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

oh how exciting~i so wish i had some photos of my family~the oldest i have is a copy of my great grandfather johney gaul when he joined the army in WW1 (its on my blog) i always wonder what all my relatives looked like and whether i look like any of them! i do have johneys nose!

Granny Sue said...

It was exciting to see these, laoi. I remember looking at them when I was a child, but then they had no significance. now in my 50's I want to know who these people are, who I look like and what things I enjoy are passed down.

Anonymous said...

I had never seen these pictures before, Sue. I can see where some of our brothers get their looks. Bill and Steve especially look like our grandfather! Hi, Cousin John, when are you coming over for a visit?

Granny Sue said...

Theresa, I believe they were on the CD Julie gave to each of us. If not...then how did I get them on my computer?...weird.

I have others I will try to post tonight. It's like opening an old trunk and finding treasures inside.

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