Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Morning Light

The sun peeked over the hill as I left for work this morning, and by the time I reached Ripley

it was reaching across town to the far hills, lighting the heavy frost on rooftops and trees.
But my destination before I got to work?

Onion sets! Green's Feed and Seed in Charleston, that compendium of all things farming and farming kitsch, had what I needed: yellow, white and red onion sets, some Detroit Dark Red beet seeds and seed starter soil.
(and no, that very-clean car isn't mine! Mine was the dirty blue truck that just didn't make it into the photo for some reason...)
Did I get to work on time? Yep, with a few minutes to spare. A very few. More like seconds.
When I got in the truck this evening, it was redolent with onion. Didn't think of that when I left the bag in the truck this morning. But never mind, I have onions that can be planted...as soon as the ground thaws out again.


Carol said...

The ends we go to when Winter teases us with the coming of Spring. Must appease our Green Thumb, though. Mine is just pulsing with the urge to plant.

Granny Sue said...

Isn't that the truth? The first salad tastes like ambrosia to me.

Snow is predicted for tomorrow, so my onions may wait a bit before they go in the ground.

Matthew Burns said...

I'm happy to hear that you found the onion sets. Now I can continue living vicariously through you!

Keep in mind, we aint had the ramp snow yet. (Does this area even get a ramp snow?) On the mountain, you always get two big snows that will end out the winter, the first is the robin bird snow (which we've had), and then the ramp snow. After that, the big bumblebee's and the buzzards return and spring will have officially arrived.

I'll stop now that I'm rambling more than an old Hank Williams song.


Granny Sue said...

Larry tried to dig ramps in the snow one year, Matthew. He went up to the mountains in March and there was a foot of snow on the ground. His ramp hunger starts early and ends late. So his definition of ramp snow is a little different than yours!


Granny Sue - tell us more about ramps and the ramp snow - you know about it - I would like to.

Matthew Burns said...

Tell Larry that the ramps are up, albeit small. My aunt who lives in Harman (Randolph County) has had three messes already this year! That ought to get him to salivating!

Have you ever canned ramps? They are quite good and may be able to sate Larry from one ramp season to the next.

Granny Sue said...

OMG, Matthew. He'll be leaving tomorrow to go get some. Ellouise, I will definitely write a post about ramps. Although I think Matthew can tell you a lot more about them than I can :-)

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