Friday, March 20, 2009

Good-bye Old Man Winter

Who is that stranger in my swing?

He was resting pretty comfortably when I returned from work, but never bothered to say hello. Just grinned at me.

Larry seems to know him pretty well. He introduced me...

To Ol' Man Winter! He was comfortable when the sun was shining,

But tonight it's pretty chilly to be hanging out on a swing. It hasn't bothered him yet. He'd look more worried if he knew what is in store for him tomorrow night.

Bonfire. Need I say more?

Tomorrow night we'll gather with friends to celebrate the end of winter by burning our effigy of Old Man Winter in the fire! Larry did a pretty good job of making him, didn't he? He's a crafty man, my husband. (Or warped. I'm never sure which. Maybe both.)

What else will we do to celebrate the new season?

1. Give seeds to our friends--maybe lettuce? or flowers? I'll decide tomorrow.

2. Try to balance an egg on its end. I know, I know, it's old stuff and probably more legend than fact, but I have got to try it.

3. Have seven things beginning with "s" on the table. This is borrowed from Middle Eastern tradition, and I like it. So, what seven things? Maybe:

Spinach dip
Stew (I know this will be there already!)
Sauvignon (Cabernet, of course, but I need the "s" to be first)
Sweets of some kind
Sourdough bread
Salt? or salad? or ....any suggestions?

It will be a good time, maybe with some singing (I'm hoping my throat is better by then, but if not, I'll be happy to listen to the others), and maybe someone will play some music. We'll watch the stars circle and enjoy the swing of seasons.

Here's to the new year!


Lucky13 said...

Burn that ol' man but good, maybe he'll leave and our flowers will finally bloom. Larry did a great job! And salad would represent the different colors of green that will appear.

Granny Sue said...

Goodness, sister, what are you doing up at 5am on a Saturday!

You're right, salad would represent the many greens that are coming our way. That definitely shoud be one of the things for the table.

Have a great weekend, Julie.I bet you'll be busy as cn be in the gardens,unless of course you have to go to work. It's a shame the way jobs intervene in our lives, isn't it?

bayouwoman said...

Sue, I always learn something new when I come to your site. I feel so out of touch with traditions and celebrations each time I visit. Not in a bad way--just ignorant!!! I love the changing of the season but wish someone had enriched my life the way enrich the lives of those around you! And this old man winter is a HOOT. Larry is tops, isn't he?

Janet, said...

You never cease to amaze me with the things you do. Yes, go ahead and burn the old man. We won't miss him.

Susan said...

He's gorgeous! And he'll be even better when he's gone for good---have a wonderful time roasting him and feaSting afterwards. (I'd like a Sundae for dessert!)

Seeds are a perfect present. Any new stories to break out for the party?

Lori said...

What a great tradition! I wish I was there to watch him go!

Matthew Burns said...

Man oh Man this sounds like fun. I wished I'd known about it sooner.

I can't wait to read more on how the festivities went.

You and Larry are sooooooo Cool!


Anonymous said...

Smores would be good on the table! Have fun at the bonfire, I can't wait for winter to be gone and warm weather to be here. Now, if you would write about ways to get rid of onion grass (wild garlic, whatever you call it) I would follow it to a T! I grow the best in the country! tm

Granny Sue said...

Matthew. I should have let you know--you're welcome anytime, snd I am sure you would have livened things up even more.

Theresa, the only sure way I know to get rid of it is to get a milk cow. They love the stuff and will break fences to get at it. We had one who traveled a mile down the hollow, goung through two fences to get to the best field of it. Of course, it makes their milk useless and the cow reeeks on onion if you even go near her.

Other than that--I've got bumper crops of it too. I blame it on the mulch we buy--I think it's in there. I certianly never had so much of it prior to when we started using mulch.

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