Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Warm Welcome to Spring, and Goodbye to a Guest Who Overstayed His Welcome

As I got in the car last night, who did I see in the back seat, neatly strapped into his seatbelt?

Old Man Winter! He thought he was going to the party to have fun. He even brought a bottle of wine with him.

But he can't fool us. We know that's a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Grey Ghost Winery where my sister works. She brought it to us last week. And he can't hide those horns either--see them sticking through his hat?

We took the scenic route to the bonfire, winding through Beech Grove and Angerona roads. A wrong turn made the trip a little longer, but who cared?

The scenery was beautiful and I have lots of photos to share this week.

When we arrived the fire was burning nicely. We left the Old Man in the car while we put the seven things that start with S on the table (sourdough, spinach dip, spring salad greens, seeds, Sauvignon, strawberries, and a sweet cake).

At a time not particularly selected for any reason, the Old Man was brought forth and carried to the circle around the fire.

A last toast and look around at the gathering, and then....

(Ruby the Bassett is not at all sure about these goings-on)

Into the fire! Did I feel a twinge of remorse? Well, a little, but I seemed to be the only one!

The flames quickly took care of Old Man Winter, and we all celebrated.

The more ways than one. The Old Man is officially gone as far as we're concerned. His ghost might hang around a little while, of course, and try a few tricks.

But today, I am moving my seedlings to the greenhouse.

It's Spring!


  1. This such a wonderful idea. The kids would love it! We already celebrate Bonfire Night in November and now we can have another for Spring. Old Man Winter was kinda scary!

  2. These bonfire events are so cool - I remember posting about a different one before. Such a lovely custom. I was thinking about having regular campfires at our house and doing a "if you see a fire, come on by" sort of thing with the neighbors.

  3. Hee Hee, thats a little creeepy, but a good idea. Lets hope it works and we slide into some warm and beautiful weather. Marlene

  4. Marlene, you're right--it did feel a little creepy to me, but I seemed to be the only one with qualms. And I have to admit it was fun.

    We do have bonfires fairly often. We also light the fireplace every night in cool weather and in summer we use the firepit. I've wondered about why we are so drawn to fire. All I can say is there is something magical about it, and there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting around a fire with family and friends, listening to music, singing and/or talking.

    I like your "if you see a fire stop by" idea, pines. A nice, casual way for neighbors to get together.

  5. What a WONDERFUL post! It sounds like a fabulous party and I do hope the bonfire worked some magic to chase the winter winds away. As always this time of year, I'm far behind on my gardening...gotta get moving.

    This helps!

  6. Should be good to go now, Susan-unless of course there is a different Old Man Winter in Ireland. Does he have brothers, cousins, other relatives?

  7. Bye bye, so long, farewell. . . to old man winter. Who was the artist that painted his face?

  8. That would be Larry. His mind is a scary place...

  9. What a great way to close out winter and welcome spring. We used to have a place where we had a pork BBQ and closed out summer and welcomed fall. How crazy we must have been. Oh well those younger days are gone forever but never to be forgotten. Lilly

  10. what fun and a fantastic tradition to bring here!

  11. What a wonderful post! I love your scared ritual to release winter and welcome spring!

    I always do spring cleansing for the spirit & soul with an egg. It's a little different for most people but it is something I have done for a while. Recently I passed my tradition on to my fellow blog followers.

    Thanks for sharing Granny Sue! I love seeing others bond, connect, make memories and honor the seasons.


  12. Oh what fun! I wish I could have been there with you all.

  13. Too fun! Have to remember this for next year, any reason for a bonfire is a good one. Unfortunately, we're expecting snow or a freeze this weekend--crazy.
    I've got to get busy on the garden, though.

  14. Love your ceremony. I have 6 more inches of snow today. Will it never end. Thanks for visiting and yes Sam Wellers does online selling. They also sell on ABE Used and Rare books.
    Love your blog.

  15. We missed you, Jaime! Next year for sure you need to come. Laura and Grand Life, more snow and cold? I do hope it doesn't come our way. It is sad when the daffodils get flattened under heavy snow--which is usually the kind we get in Spring. Maybe you should burn the old man too?


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