Monday, March 23, 2009

Into the Greenhouse

Yesterday was the day to get my little seedlings out of the house and into the greenhouse. I had not yet transplanted them from the starting containers to flats, so that was also a task on the list.
You can see the seedlings not yet in flats; they're the patch of bright green on the bench to the left.

I'm trying to figure out what I did with all the cottage cheese and yogurt containers I saved last summer. I had many, many of them, but can I find them now? Of course not. I walked around and rooted around in almost all our outbuildings with no luck. So for the moment I'm stopped on transplanting until I can either find them or get more containers. I'm about 75% finished, I think. The Early Girl tomatoes are in bigger pots because I want them to move along fast so we get tomatoes as soon as early in the season as possible.

I am really liking this greenhouse. There is plenty of room and it stays very warm during the day. The electric heater I used last night just barely kept the temperature warm enough, so I will be looking for another option for heat, or a bigger electric heater. Larry is checking out our old kerosene heater today to see if it can be used--I'm leery of it because the last time we used it in the greenhouse it smoked and coated everything with black. Not good for the plants. I don't want to go there again.
What are these dead-looking things? These are the geraniums we pulled up last fall and hung upside down in the cellar. some of them seem to have weathered through just fine, and even have some green on them. Others I'm pretty sure are no good at all. But all it will cost me to find out is a little soil, water and time. If the ones that look promising actually do make it, we'll have saved a good bit on new plants. One of them was a survivor from the 2007 garden so this will make its third year.

I did one flat of broccoli, one of Savoy cabbage, and 4 or 5 of tomatoes yesterday. I still have more tomatoes, all of the peppers, and celery and leeks to transplant when I get more containers. I think I'll get some flower seeds started too. Might as well since I have the space in the greenhouse. Do you have any suggestions of flowers I might want to try?


Susan said...

Looking good! I always try to plant too much, too many, and it all goes berserk and then so do I... so I won't suggest any more plants for you, just wish you all the best with the lovely ones you've got already! It sounds like a good collection, and I'm looking forward to seeing your Early Girls; I haven't found those here. I'm glad the greenhouse is working out so well.

Here's to a flowerful and tasty spring!

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

lovely! we do not have a greenhouse so all our seedlings get moved around to follow the sun each day! if the good weather continues we shall be up our allotment on thursday getting more beds dug.

how about sweet peas or black eyed susans? or borage~looks lovely and edible too :)

Granny Sue said...

The thing is, I don't want to waste the little seedlings, so I end up with way too many plants. I mean, do I really need 48 broccoli plants? No. But I don't want to toss the seedlings, so in they go. I'll find homes for them with friends and family, I figure.

Last night we used the kerosene heater--with great trepidation because last time we tried it, a few years ago, it blackened everything in the greenhouse. But Larry checked the heater very carefully and it seems to be working well. We checked it many times before bed!

laoi, I like the the idea of sweet peas and borage! i have black-eyed susans already, and I used to have borage that self-seeded. But I haven't seen it in several years now. Sweet peas I have never tried, so they'd be a new adventure.

Janet, said...

I like marigolds! They say they help keep the critters away, if you plant them near your garden. I sat pots of them around my garden last year. Nothing bothered our plants, so maybe it worked.

Nance said...

We grew some old fashioned Lavatera one year and they reseeded themselves for another 5 or 6 years. They are bright pink. I loved them. I have ordered some seed on-line and hope they are the same variety.

Granny Sue said...

Marigolds are one of my favorites, too Janet. I've used them as pest deterrents in my gardens for years. I don't know if they work but they are so pretty. I even like the way they smell.

I have never heard of lavatera, Nance. Time to go looking online. It would be nice to try something different.

Anonymous said...

I always plant to many pots as well. Last year I was moving everything around on a regular basis to get enough light! And, I always plant flowers, I love flowers in my veggie garden. :)

Mimi/Irma said...

How about coneflower? It is a perennial, comes in white and shades of pink (plus some hybrids) and I've found it easy to grow. I think it's related to the black-eyed Susan. Have you ever tried Dame's Rocket? See my blog for more on that. Mimi

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