Monday, May 25, 2009

Flowers in May

Is there anything prettier than gardens in May? Mine are a little ragged this year--while Larry has been here to handle the vegetable gardens (and doing a great job), my flower beds have suffered because I had so many weekends away from home. They look better after I spent about 6 hours in them today, but these photos were taken yesterday so the gardens were still not up to par.

So many plants in this photo! Barberry, Veronica, lots of Coneflower which seeds itself freely in my gardens, southernwood, coreopsis, oregano, iris, dying daffodil leaves, and lots of other stuff. This is under one of the maples and honestly I did not think much would survive here. But the plants that like dry conditions are thriving and I am learning to let them do what they do naturally, and work with the results.
Daylilies everywhere. Not planted by me. They came up after we made the patio about 10 years ago. They are very cool flowers--the early growth is great in salads, the flowers can be eaten, and they are just so pretty!

The "wild" garden. This one hasn't had any attention this year, so the lemon balm, roses, yarrow and lavender are running rampant. I may just leave them alone to see what happens next. What I am happy about: the hollyhock to the far right. I've always wanted hollyhocks in that corner and this year the ones I planted last year look great. Big smile on my face--it only took me 30+ years to finally plant them!

The spirea (wish I kept a record of the name of this variety) that started as teeny tiny 77-cent plants from Wal-mart. I love these bushes--pretty in Spring, lovely in bloom, bright red-orange foliage in fall, nice wintry-red twigs for arrangements and twig wreaths. A four-season bush, and birds love to nest in it.
Derek put this chair frame out for the trash, but wasn't surprised when it resurfaced in my garden. I need to add some alyssum to the geranium in the pot; it was one that over-wintered in the root cellar. The rose came from an old Virginia farm where my brother Tom lived for a while. I don't know the variety, and it was put here "temporarily" about 25 years ago until I could find a better place. Guess this is the better place.

The roses along the walk to the porch share space with lamb's ears. Lots of weeds in this picture! But they're gone now (smile). There's a #%*! maple tree in this bed that is so intertwined with the roses I can't dig it out. So every year I just break back the branches. Haven't done it yet this year. The two water maples we have in the yard are wonderful shade trees but seed themselves prolifically in our gardens, and there are several seedlings that we have not been able to get rid of because of where they grew. Even so, I love my shady maples.


Janet, said...

I love your many flowers! I have a spirea just like yours. I have three of them now, the limbs touch ground and take root, so I dig the new one up and plant it somewhere else. I got hollyhocks from my neighbor a few years ago, he was throwing some away and I planted them beside of my building. I don't have day lilies, but I have the huge tiger lilies that have spread profusely. We also have little maples coming up everywhere, I need to pull them before they get too big.

Granny Sue said...

I bet what you call tiger lilies and what I call day lilies are the same thing! Orange, bloom in June and July? Line the roads around here?

Shirley Stewart Burns, Ph.D. said...

Such beautiful photographs! Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden; especially to those of us who are stuck in the city.

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

i just love your garden and all its different areas~i love gardens that are not overly ordered and left to be more wild~i have constant battles with my swampy over this and we have now agreed he takes care of the front and i have the back!

Anonymous said...

I am truly envious! This is breathtakingly beautiful. Should be featured on Better Homes and Gardens!! You are truly blessed.

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