Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden Pics

Cathy said yesterday she'd like to see more garden pictures, so here are some I took today. It's pretty dry here right now, no rain in a week.
The tomato patch. Larry put out 100 plants, but only has about half of them staked so far. This garden also has some Indian corn and a row of sweet potatoes--we've tried sweet potatoes before without much luck, but we're trying again. This garden does not have an electric fence, although most of the others do.

The Spring garden, with early beans, carrots, 2 kinds of lettuce, chard, spinach, beets, leeks, celery, snow peas, onions and dill. The peas are setting on now. The beans were planted in early April--we took a chance and it paid off, so we'll have beans by my birthday, I think. Or soon after.

The new strawberry plants are under the mulch, edged with two kinds of lettuce; the tilled ground is planted with broccoli plants that you can't see and about 20 new asparagus roots. You can see the tomato patch in the background.

This was last garden planted and still isn't finished. This one has cucumbers, squash, pumpkins and melons--and peppers. We'll finish planting it tomorrow, I think.

The largest garden has potatoes, purple beans, half runners, sweet corn and pole beans. The potatoes are already blooming, so we'll have new potatoes in a couple weeks, I hope.

Cathy said yesterday she'd like to see more garden pictures, so here are some I took today. It's pretty dry here right now, no rain in a week.

I'll post some flower garden pics soon. They're not as pretty as the veggies because I haven't been home enough to take care of them this month.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Wow! One hundred tomato plants? What are you gonna do with that many tomatoes?
New potatoes? I'm so jealous!
Your garden looks great!

Granny Sue said...

We have a lot of family! Then there's tomato sauce, juice, salsa, canned tomatoes...

Cathy said...

Just seeing these photos reminds me of my grandfather's gardens growing up. He didn't let too many people set foot in his garden but I was allowed to help out because I was careful. He fed all the family and more with his too. I try to can food myself but not like we did back then. In these times maybe I should do more.
Your photos are great and you guys have so much to be proud of because it is alot of work. I hope you got some of this rain we are having right now. It's been a real soaker over here.

smallpines said...

WOW! What a big garden and it is doing so nicely! I know you can, but I guess I hadn't realized how much. What a blessing to be able to provide so much of what you eat.

Janet, said...

You are going to be very busy come harvest time. Tomatoes make great pizza and spaghetti sauce!

Granny Sue said...

We did get a good rain, Cathy and just in time because I put out a lot of flower plants yesterday. We didn't get to planting the rest of the vegetable though--that was supposed to happen in the evening. But the rain was wonderful.

We grow almost all the potatoes we use, pines, and keep lettuce coming in waves if we can manage to replant at the right times. Along with the herbs and fruits on our place, and the eggs, chickens and turkeys we raise we do provide a lot of what we eat. There's the wild stuff too--the mushrooms in spring, berries, nuts and deer meat that we use. With a little bit of land, a person can provide a lot of food.

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