Friday, June 26, 2009

Church Rummage Sale

They ain’t from here, the old lady said,
As she pulled through the offerings
at the church rummage sale.
No wonder they don’t know
you ain’t supposed to do that.
She pushed her reading glasses up her nose
and tried to read the washed out tag on a denim jacket.

Reckon where they’re from? her friend mused,
turning over a shirt to check its size.
Out of state or just some other county?
Oh no, the old lady said, not that far,
just down the road you know,
up Johnson Holler way.

Well then, you should have known
Them folks up there are different.
They don’t know how to act.
They ain’t from here--
So what did they do?

This jacket ain’t no-count,
And look at the price they want fer it--
Do? What did they do?
Why, they put mustard on their hotdog!
Whoever heard of such a thing?

Well, what can you expect?
They ain’t from here, you know.
Reckon no one ever taught them any different.
Wonder what they’re asking for this shirt?
It’d make a right nice patch on the quilt I’m piecin’.


Janet, said...

I like that Susanne. By your title I thought I was going to see what you got and I missed out on at a local church sale.

Connie said...

Oh, Susanne, that is wonderful.

Connie, not from here and puts mustard on her hotdog

Laura said...

loved this one, thanks for sharing

Granny Sue said...

Me too, Connie--although I really like them best with slaw and sauce now.

But when they're grilled, a dog with only mustard is such an explosion of flavor.

Janet, I wrote this after going to a sale at a church on Aplin Ridge a couple of years ago. It was a good little drive back there. I overheard these two ladies talking about someone, which inspired the poem.

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh man, it's them crazy ladies up Coleslaw Holler. ROFL

Sorry, but when I ordered a hot dog in Clarksburg last winter (wanting to try that ethnic food y'know), the girl asked me, "Coleslaw?" and I said sure. Then she brings us our hot dogs and oh-mah-gaw she's put the coleslaw ON my hot dog. I thought it would be in a bowl LOL. When I started picking it off, there was an outcry at the table. You CAIN'T (not a typo) take it off! That's a WEST VIRGINIA dog!

Oh for---ok FINE, I said, I'll eat it. And it was good... just not my favourite thing. So now, I can *just hear* your ladies and see them together at the rummage sale table, remembering my WV hot dogs!

And I LOOOOVED this!!! LOL

Mary said...

Wonderful! I like mustard AND sauerkraut on hot dogs, and I won't even claim a region for it; it's just what I like. I hope your sauerkraut is wonderful!
BTW, someone once told me that sauerkraut was often packed for sea voyages to prevent scurvy -- I had only known of limes and other citrus being sent. . .

Granny Sue said...

Susan, I had to read that out loud to my husband! I can just imagine the hollering that happened when you took the slaw off the dog.

Mary, I don't like kraut on mine, but Lary sure does!

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