Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hmmmm....too many photos?

Did you know there is a limit on how many photos you can upload on Blogger?

Guess who did NOT know that? Me of course; I'm always last to learn these things.

So tonight I'm getting ready to upload Larry's beehive photos and I get this message: "Sorry! You've exceeded your Picasa Album storage. You gotta buy more!"

Hunh? Buy more? I thought this was free?

Well, yeah. With a few strings, it seems. Which is okay, really--I mean, I've used 1G of space with my photos, and that is a lot, no question. So I just plunked down $20, which will be an annual fee for 10G of storage. It seems reasonable enough now, but what will happen in the future? How long will the price stay $20? That makes me uneasy.

So tonight, no photos. No cool post about bees. Or even about the sauerkraut which we made this evening (or are attempting to make--it's a long process). Just me fidgeting about 20 bucks.

I could of course create a new account and a new blog but that would be a real headache and this one has become my online home. So I pay, and fidget.

Has anyone else reached their storage limit? Did you pay to play or move on?


Tracey said...

Oh my goodness! I had never heard of this before either.

Laura said...

I didn't realize there was a limit. I guess I should check mine more closely. I guess you could change the number of megapixels your camera shoots in so it wouldn't take up as much space, but that would sometimes limit quality.

Mimi said...

Gosh, I was using Picasa to store photos so I didn't use up so much memory on my computer. However, perhaps we should reconsider. Adding memory on a computer or buying an extra hard drive for storage would cost at least $20 a year. I do remember when I signed up for gmail there was something about a maximum amount of GB before you'd have to buy more. Then at the bottom of the home page (or is it the sign-in page?) they show you how much you have used. The next thing you know the templates won't be free either.

Rowan said...

I had no idea about this! How many photos does the Picasa album store I wonder - I don't understand 1G as I don't speak computer{:( I suppose it's worth paying $20 for the extra so long as that's it.

Susan at Stony River said...

Holy cow. I knew there was a limit, but it seemed so big to me that I never bothered to really watch how much I was using.

I do resize my photos before uploading them, but only because my connection is so crappy the upload wouldn't work otherwise LOL.

You're right, $20 isn't a lot for a year's photo storage, but the future question is bothersome. I guess there's always photobucket and flickr, and linking from them in blog posts, but ugh what a pain to do the extra step, and I always find they load slower.

Ah well. Good luck whatever happens; I would miss your beautiful photos if you didn't keep posting them!

Granny Sue said...

What concerns me is the fate of my photos, I think. What if I don't pay the fee? Do they get deleted or become the property of Picasa? I already see my photos popping up all over the web in other people's blogs and websites. I have had mixed feelings about that, particularly when they're not attributed to me. If I protect who can view them, then they're useless for the blog--or am I wrong about that? Is there a way to protect my photos from being copied? Honestly, for most of them I don't mind but it is unsettling to run across them elsewhere for some reason--like children who get lost, I suppose, or seeing someone wearing a jacket you left in a restaurant. You know it's yours, but what can you do?

Janet, said...

Susanne I am of no help because I had never heard of Picasa before. My photos are on all those little camera chips and I download the ones I want to put on my blog to my desktop. I have a little folder on my desktop that's labeled Janet's Web Page and after I've made my blog post I put the pictures in there.


I am with Janet. I keep the photos on my compputer and then move them to an external hard drive - to save them and so that I don't use up all the space on my computer.
And you download from the holder back to an external hard drive so that you have the images yourself?

Granny Sue said...

Oh, I have my photos on a hard drive-- only the photos I put on my blog are in Picasa, as are those of anyone who is using Blogger. That's how it works.

If your photos aren't in Picasa, then they aren't on your blog. It doesn't matter how many other places you store your photos, online or offline, Blogger stores your blog photos in Picasa albums.

remember, it took me aout 2 and a half years to use up my storage, adn I do post a lot of photos. so for some people this is a non-issue. But for photobloggers, it can be a consideration--and for those of you who plan to use the same blog for a long, long time.

Andi said...

I didn't know that! :) Then again, my blog is almost text-only.

Granny Sue said...

Well, Andi, I may have to reconsider what I post. This one was test only for a while, but I do like adding photos. I'm thinking about it.

Laura said...

Granny Sue, I think you may can use another place besides Picassa to hold your photos for the blog, but I am not sure.
I've seen on some blogs where they edit the photos and add an almost invisible "copyright--by john doe 2009" by just adding a text box somewhere on the picture and using nearly transparent type. Of course, that'd add an extra step, but might be a way to prevent people from borrowing your photos.

I'd sure hate to see you go to all text--

Granny Sue said...

I don't plan to go to lal test, Laura. I paid the $20, just waiting now for the additional storage to be added. According to what I read on the notice, Picasa is the only place Blogger uses for photo storage. I could use other online storage, I supppose. Store them first, then pull from there for the blog. But it takes so long to upload to Photobucket or the others that I don't really want to go that route. With the $20 I paid, I am covered for the next, oh, 30 years, I think, judging by my current usage!

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