Monday, June 8, 2009

A Tiny Piece of Ground

I stopped on the ridge alongside of our meadow yesterday because this little patch of daisies caught my eye. As I was photographing them, I realized that there were many wildflowers in bloom within just a few square feet of earth. Here are some of them:

Three kinds of clover grew happily together. Yellow sweet clover, smaller hop clover and red clover made a sweet mixture.

One lone Deptford Pink glowed brightly cerise in the evening light.

A small-flowered primrose was just beginning to open,

and a wild pasture rose hid shyly beneath the tall meadow grasses.

There were other things blooming (white yarrow, chickweed, white clover, and a profusion of grasses) that missed my camera's eye this day. The simple abundance is humbling--we pass such places every day, thousands of them probably, but when we take time to stop and look, what an amazing display is there for our enjoyment.
I'd like to know what you see when you stop and look at just one small piece of ground. What's blooming where you are?


solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

i just love wild flowers~i have made sure i have plenty of native wild flowers in our garden. right now its a real bee magnet!

Liz said...

I wrote a similar post today at my place, how ordinary things (like clover!) can look so amazing if you stop and get right up clost to them.

Love that little purple rose...

Rowan said...

It's amazing how much you see if you stop and really look, so many wildflowers are only small so you really need to make a point of looking for them - it's worth it when you do though. The wild roses are coming out here now and it's going to be a good year judging by the number of flowers on the bushes I saw driving back from North Yorkshire yesterday. For once I was a passenger so I was able to look at the view instead of the road.

Jai Joshi said...

I just love lying in fields of wildflowers, closing my eyes, and breathing. There's nothing sweeter or more free.

Thanks for the gorgeous pics.


Tipper said...

Pretty pics! We have some of the same ones blooming here.

Granny Sue said...

I think those of us who blog--especially those who photoblog--have learned to look more closely at our world. I have always had that tendency because of my mother, who pointed out little beauties to us when growing up. Because of her, we learned to appreciate little things. In a large family, sometimes little things are all you have, but they become valuable because we see them.

Blogging, however, has reminded me to be mindful and grateful. And it has led me to this community of people who understand and appreciate the same things. And for that--I am very grateful indeed.

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