Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home again

The triathlon is finished, we had an awesome weekend with family. We talked, sang, laughed a lot and cried maybe just a little. All five of our race entrants finished the race with respectable times. It was amazing to watch them and to see their faces when the scope of their accomplishment hit home.

As mother and granny, I was bursting with pride and so touched to see them stand for a group picture with the bike that belonged to Jon, the missing member of their team. His loss did not stop them from completing what he had suggested months ago as a possibility. Jon's wife and daughters were there to cheer our guys--and gal (Haley also competed)--to the finish line.

Next year I think we'll have more family members in the race. I hope so. This was something we needed, time together to bind tighter the cords that hold us, to remember and to know that what we were doing was good for all of us.


Rowan said...

What a great achievement and a wonderful way to honour and remember Jon. No wonder you are proud of them.

Jaime said...

Ah... what a weekend. And in one of my favorite parts of the state. It brings up a lot of my family memories.

You can count me in next year and as soon as James can do it - he's revved up to go. I think this will be yet a new family tradition. At least I hope.

Granny Sue said...

I think you're right, Jaime. I was even tempted to join in! That isn't likely to happen but the excitement is certainly catching.

Rowan, to see the glow on their faces after the race was the memory I will carry with me--such satisfaction at setting a challenge and meeting it.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Love seeing the tight knit family honoring one of its lost.
Brought tears to my eyes.

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