Saturday, April 24, 2010


Each time I pass a roadside shrine

that marks the place where someone loved

lost his life, I offer a prayer

to one who also lost her Son;

she knows a mother's heart.

Today the small cross bore a name,

three letters, my son's name.

It was not his marker;

his death was far away

in a place I have never been

and do not wish to see,

at least not yet.

But I wondered as I prayed to Mary

if someone has marked

the place of my son's passing

with a simple cross,

or if some other mother says a prayer

each time she travels past,

and even at a distance knows

my heart's breaking.


Allison said...

Hello, I am not accustomed to commenting on such posts that are so completely heart felt, no disrespect to anyone who shows there heart else wise. So pardon me if I stumble through this comment. I am so completely moved to at least try and compensate and honor what you have expressed here. I want to say that your compassion is very profound as is your love! I am not sure what to say, but am so moved by your post here! I'd like to say that I will pray that someone does and that you can indirectly pray just as you have here! Bless your heart! There are really no words, your prayers are so precious, as precious as your love and convictions!
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

On my way to work and back home each day , I pass a Cross along the way ,I read the story of the young lady who died, and think of her parents as I pass by , the prayers are for them when I see the Cross and I think of you and George and the rest of the family and pray for you all too. JWM

Jai Joshi said...

You made my eyes fill with tears.


Holly Hall said...

I always think of the mamas when I pass one of those crosses. I hope each day gets a tiny bit easier for you.

Country Whispers said...

Don't really know what to say. Any time that you post about your son it always brings a tear to my eyes. Just know that I think of you and your family often and hope that the sadness leaves you and is replaced with many happy memories.

Nance said...

I am a mother.

I am in Iowa.

If I knew the highway.

I knew the mile marker.

I would.

I would place the cross.

I would put a memorial.

I would.

I doknow your heart

is breaking.

Mine is too.

Granny Sue said...

Nance, I will find out and let you know. It would mean a lot to me. I am thinking now about a trip to Iowa to find the place. I think I'm going to need to do that. All I know is that it was in Grundy county.

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