Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jordan Run and Knobley Road

These pictures are from two weeks ago when we visited my oldest son in Grant county, West Virginia. The trip is too pretty to describe in words, and it doesn't matter what time of year you travel along these country roads.
Old, well-kept farmhouses abound; there is a lot of good farmland in this area and many farms have remained in the same families for many years.

Apple trees are everywhere, probably in testament to the many orchards that once dotted these mountains. Many are wild seedlings; all bloom prolifically and make the air sweet with their scent.

The woods were just coming alive with green and hints of red as the redbuds were just coming into bloom.
And lilacs! This area must be the lilac capital of the state. The bushes seem to thrive on the climate and soil; I saw many that were probably over 15 feet tall, and as far across.

Redbuds! Can you tell I like them?

Around each curve, a new vista offered glimpses of mountains in the distance just beginning to don their green coats.

And sometimes, there was something surprising in the view--like these faraway giant windmills. can you see them on the ridge at the back of the photo?

What's that high on the mountain to the right? Snow, still hanging on to the rocks in the Dolly Sods wilderness area.

The many shades of green are breathtaking at this time of year. I am glad we've been able to get out and travel a bit this month. Often in April we're so busy with gardens we miss what's going on over on this eastern side of West Virginia.


Kate Dudding said...

Dear Granny Sue,

You REALLY must put your photos into a competition or offer to the local chamber of commerce or town or create a photography book "Traveling the Back Roads of West Virginia."

In this post, I love your red buds on the curve of the road photo.



Granny Sue said...

Thank you, Kate! I might do that one day. I could take photos all day every day here and never capture everything. I imagine it's the same in other places, but our own homes speak to us strongest, don't they?

Angela said...

If it wasn't supposed to rain this weekend I would pack up the kids and the old man and take a road trip Granny Sue! I really want to get out to see some of these great sites around West Virginia!

It's Time to Live said...

All I need is the time, money and I would be traveling these roads. Nice images, you make me want to be there as well.

Nance said...

Hills, curves, country roads all meeting at the junction of Spring & Green! Beautiful county; beautiful photos. Redbuds are one of my favorite things, too.

Twisted Fencepost said...

These pictures depict all my memories of WV. Perfect curvy roads and rolling hills. I really need to visit and get my WV fix. tee hee

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