Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In the Garden: Flowers Update

I'm slowly gaining ground on weeds and runamuck plants in my flowerbeds. Still a lot to do, but here's a look at where I am with them right now:

Up the walk to the house the Stella lilies and that red-flowered spirea I can't remember the name of, along with some shrub roses, are all in bloom. The errant peach tree is a seedling that we will move this fall.
Looking from the other direction. The sidewalk is a mess right now; repairs are on the list of projects for this summer.

The new herb garden is finally planted! That took forever to get done between weather, trips, etc. But it's done now, and I can't wait for the little plants to take off.

The wild garden by the house has been mostly tamed. This involved the murder of huge lemon blam plants, saveage ripping out of a vine that made itself at home, and digging out some of the daffodil bulbs. Note to self--no more daffodils in flowerbeds. Naturalize them instead. The lavender still needs a serious trim but that will have to wait until it's finished blooming. Roses and annual hollyhock that reseeded itself are blooming in the corner.

The new garden we put in this weekend. It's not done but I had to get these plants in the ground before they all died on me. The crock is the bottomless one from the old log cabin; I moved some cosmos that had seeded itself in the wrong place. You can't see the pot of white petunias that also seeded themselves back in the same pot they were in last year, and the tomato plant that joined them. We tied the tomato to a small stake, and will tie it to the plow as the plant grows. This garden went in because an iris, some lamb's ear and a peach tree all sprouted here, where we used to have a compost pile, so I decided it must be a place for a garden. it will be an uphill battle, I think, because this soil is very dry. The mulch and some adde topsoil might help. Needs trenching and edging and a few other things before it's finished.

I started this garden two years ago and it's still strugglings. It joins the "plow" garden; this one suffers from a lot of weeds. I started mulching it Monday but ran out of energy after all day in the 90'degree heat. So it's still a work-in-progress--as they all seem to be.


Angela said...

All of your flower gardens are just beautiful Granny Sue!

Nance said...

I would enjoy each step up the walk to your house. I'd be craning my neck all directions to see your flowers and beds and garden art. Love that first photo with your house up the walk and the welcoming entry. And the second photo, looking down.

Rowan said...

All gardens are a work in progress, they're like the Forth Bridge - when you finish at one end it's time to go back and start again at the other! That's part of the pleasure though, there's always something new to see and do. I love that old plough, what a great way to use it.

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, Angela! It's interesting how they continually change; plants tend to move themselves, some do better and crowd others out, even the shape of the gardens change over time.

Nance, sometimes I see only what I need to, weeds, mulching, etc. Every now and then I stop and actually enjoy the gardens. I expect many gardeners do the same thing.

Granny Sue said...

Rowan, that's it exactly. a work in progress. Next for me is to pull out a long iris bed and re-do that area. The irises didn't bloom much this year because they're so overcrowded. Question is, where to put them?

The plow is a favorite piece. It's seen it's share of hard work, now it's retired. Although it wasn't ours, we did used to have a cultivator that we used with our pony, so the plow reminds me of those early days on our land.

Anonymous said...

You have the most loverly gardens! Wish I had as green a thumb as you. :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

I think you have more energy than I do. You definitely stay busy. I make flower beds, plant them, mulch them and then get busy elsewhere. When I get back to them the weeds have taken over. I love flower beds but just don't have the time to keep them pretty.

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