Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Simple Thought

I found a little book in an antique shop last week called Flowers from Dickens. It is not in great condition, but the lithographs are beautiful, on heavy off-white paper and accompanied by quotes from Charles Dickens' many books. The book opened to this quotation:

"I believe there are quiet victories and struggles, great sacrifices of self, and noble acts of heroism...done every day in nooks and corners, and in little households, and in men's and women's hearts." How well said.

Quiet victories. Those words made me think back over my week and the quiet victories I'd seen.

An elderly man in white shirt and white bob overalls, making his slow way with a walker from his door to his garden.

The lonely great white egret that has been living in the small lake at the end of our road, suddenly joined by two others. (How did they know he was here? As far as I know, these birds are unusual for this area.)

Ben on his scooter. A new skill for a boy not usually willing to take risks.

My friend standing quietly erect to receive guests at the visitation for her son's funeral, a young man of 33.

Quiet victories, every one.

I wonder how many we pass in a day without seeing them? A child who can reach the sink for the first time, a mother watching her child leave for school, a man shaving with painful arthritic fingers...the list is endless, isn't it?

Quiet victories, quiet heroes.


Nance said...

oh yes. endless. I have goose bumps on my arms, now, reading this -- imagining the range of possibilities.

mamabug said...

Really makes me wonder what I've missed everyday too. I'm gonna pay closer attention tomorrow to see how many I can find.

Char5 said...

So beautiful, and so very true. Thank you for sharing this gentle reminder today.

Granny Sue said...

We just hurry too much, don't we? and miss the real things in life.

earth heart said...

beautiful words to take to heart and meditate on. i appreciate you sharing them.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Interesting post, Granny Sue.
Makes me think I need to slow down and pay more attention.
Thank you!

Mary Garrett said...

Thanks for food for thought -- of which I always need more. Cheers for quiet victories!

Brighid said...

I come here to give my heart ease, thank you, you've done it again.

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