Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That Old Newspaper from 1942

These speak for themselves, don't they? These are from the newspaper we found between the floorboards of the cabin we're dismantling.

The war took the headlines,

but local news continued on its gossipy way,

and people still shopped for all kinds of things: like washers.

Laundry still had to be done, even by bachelors,

and I would imagine that these baby chicks would have been a hot commodity in the days of rationing.

Political cartoons kept people entertained,

and Eleanor did her part to keep them inspired.

People still pursued their vices too!

Life went on, even when times were hard and things were scarce.

More photos of this old paper tomorrow. 


Rowan said...

Great post, I really enjoyed seeing these snippets especially the local news from Sandyville.

Twisted Fencepost said...

What a find!
And still readable, too.
I had a friend that used to write a monthly column like the Sandyville news for a small town newspaper. It was very similar to the one you showed.
She so enjoyed writing that column.

TheresaandJay said...

Pretty cool! I find it interesting that you can still read the paper. I love the gossip column, I think we have lost that small town feeling.

Granny Sue said...

The paper was completely dry, Theresa; it was under three layers of linoleum and one of lumber. The bottom layer of linoleum must have been put down as soon as the lumber was in place, so it was probably vintage 1942. It was in pretty good shape compared to the top layers of newer linoleum.

Our local paper still has a few of these local columns but not many. The assumption then was that you knew all the people mentioned, and of course today that's not often the case with so many more people, and so many moving about.

The ads fascinated me. The prices, and the sexism! Goodness. We've come a long way in the past 60 years, and sometimes we forget that.

I wish I'd found some recipes, but no dice.

I will cut out the best of the ads and articles and save them, but the mouse-eaten parts have to go.

mamabug said...

I love old newspapers and magazines, they are so much fun to read. That was a good find!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I loved reading this old newspaper especially the gossip column. How interesting to think people were so fascinated with other people's comings and goings that it would be published in a newspaper!

Happy WW!

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy

Markin said...

The main pity about modern newspapers is that they're printed on cheap, absorbent, acidic paper. Hence, they quickly grow moldy or turn in to papier-mâché (in damp), or turn brown and brittle. (Which is why you never EVER want to fold up a paper you want to keep, for whatever reason: it will split at the fold lines, scattering little flakes of itself.) Still, stored under proper conditions and with better paper, they can last. A friend of mine owns a six-month (I think it is) run of the Times of London, bound in one gigantic volume (a size referred to as an "elephant folio"), dating to 1887 ...


Nessa said...

That paper is like a buried treasure of time capsule.

Janet, said...

I love old newspapers, too. I have a huge old Life book. It has the April-June 1938 issues of the magazine in it. It is so interesting looking at the articles and the ads.

Nance said...

oh. I love old newspapers. I love NEW newsprint. I have said many times, I'm a newspaper junky. I subscribe to 3 (a daily and 2 weeklies. And would have more if I had more time!

Would love to read this one!

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