Monday, October 11, 2010

More from the 1942 newspaper, and this week: a busy time coming up

Here are a few more photos from that 1942 Jackson county newspaper we found in the floor of the old cabin. This ad is for the Smoot Theatre in Parkersburg. I thought this was interesting because of the different way a "superhero" is portrayed. They seem to be a lot more muscled up in the chest these days!

Look at these prices! I remember once in the early 1970's we bought pullet eggs for 20 cents a dozen, but they were really small. And pork for a quarter a pound? Not in my lifetime.

Now ladies, here is the latest thing. Just go in and let Miss Mary measure you up!

These ads are so striking to me because it's apparent that even during a war, women and men wanted to look their best. Life went on, even if there was a terrible world war raging a continent away--and even submarines closing in on our coastline. It has seemed odd to me that we don't feel the current war more than we do, but it seems that even in the early 40's people were still going on with their everyday interests.

Larry found another newspaper or two yesterday, and I'll be posting photos of it later on. This recent find is even earlier, from 1917 and 1918, I believe he said. The newspaper is called The Mountaineer and it was another Jackson county paper, although I have never heard of it before. It is in better condition than the 1942 paper, surprisingly--and full of all sorts of interesting news.

I'll be on the road again tomorrow night, so my posting will be light this week. I'll be telling stories at the WV Storytelling Festival on Wednesday and Thursday, then back to work Friday, and working at the WV Book Festival on Saturday and Sunday. It will be a busy, busy week for me but I am so looking forward to telling stories again. Tonight I've been working on my story list, going over the details and packing my clothes since I won't be coming home tomorrow after work.


Mama-Bug said...

Sue, just love looking at those old newspapers, they are a look back into the past. Gee, wish we could buy groceries that cheap now days.
The ads for the ladies foundation garments are a hoot, I can't imagine being imprisoned in any of those! Have a wonderful week, looking forward to the other old newspapers.

First50 said...

Ah, Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney - brings back the fantasies of my youth.

But your prowess with words makes you my superhero, Granny Sue.

Granny Sue said...

Mamabug, the 1918 papers have fewer photos but such good stories! I might have to type them out because the print is so small.I wonder how people read it so long ago. Were their eyes better than ours?

Granny Sue said...

Thank you, Virginia. That is quite a compliment coming from you. I appreciate it more than you know.

Tipper said...

So neat! Amazing to look back and see how things-and prices-have changed.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I just love looking at old newspapers. I'm sure there are original newspapers archived somewhere. Would be cool to look at one maybe from the day I was born.

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