Saturday, October 9, 2010

This Weekend--Wedding, Work, and Play

This weekend started early--with my son Derek's marriage to lovely Amy yesterday.

What fun we had! It was a simple, relaxed ceremony followed by dinner at one of the most fun places I've ever dined. From the back it looked like it was a biker bar--

But the flower gardens in front gave a hint that it might be better inside.

And it was.

Good food and drink, a comfortable atmosphere for the kids, plenty to look at, and lots of laughter added up to a memorable meal.

Now back to the real world and the rest of the weekend to-do list:
  • Larry will be working on finishing clean-up at the old cabin site, and then if he has time, pulling in firewood. 
  • I am cleaning up the Tappan (lots of Brillo and elbow grease required), canning pears and putting up peppers. I found a recipe for jalapenos I want to try, the cayenne peppers need to be strung and there is a bushel basket of banana and bell peppers to be reckoned with. The pears are a simple peel-and-can affair, but time consuming and there's a bushel of those too.
  • Laundry, housework, and some time to enjoy this beautiful fall day out on the porch are on the schedule too.

  • Tonight we have concert tickets for Tim O'Brien. That will be a treat! 

Looks like I'd better get back to scrubbing that stove if I'm going to get all this stuff done.


Angela said...

Hey Granny Sue!

What a cute couple your son and his bride are! I wish them many years of happiness together.

Have a Great Week!

Peggy said...

beautiful couple! looks like you have been one busy lady. This winter you will sure enjoy eating from all your hard work

Mama-Bug said...

Best wishes to your son and lovely new daughter-inlaw. Are you still enjoying that gorgeous old Tappan!

Kansas Scout said...

Tim Obrien is always great

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