Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I did not want this day to end without wishing all of you a very happy year to come--and health, prosperity and peace of spirit each and every day.

For many of us the past year brought sadness, misfortune, sickness and worry. Last night we burned many, many such troubles in our bonfire and I cannot describe to you the peace that came with watching those papers burn, burn, burn. They went up in smoke in the presence of many family and friends, high on a hill with the stars bright overhead, music from our granddaughters and the feeling of being surrounded by strength and love. It was a beautiful night.

We continued the pleasure today as our friend Susan and her children stayed to share a big country breakfast, a trip to Point Pleasant to see the Mothman statue and other sights, and a dinner that included cabbage with foil-wrapped money in it to assure wealth in the coming year. Everyone is settling down to bed now as this first day of 2011 draws to a close. I will post pictures and tell you more about our weekend tomorrow.


Nance said...

Sue, I couldn't be there in person but I did send you my "burn" request. Thank you. It has lifted my spirits. I breathe easier.

Granny Sue said...

Happy to "see" you again in this new year, Nance! It was such a good feeling to see so many problems go up in smoke.

Today all our company just left, and the house is suddenly quiet. It has been one of the best starts to a new year that I can remember.

Jaime said...

I can't believe how short my list was this year. Usually it contains a list of items. This year only one.... Probably because of the simple fact that priorities have changed quickly and what once needed burned, doesn't anymore.

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