Sunday, April 24, 2011

Into the Woods, Part 2

Last Saturday Larry took some of our teenaged grandchildren to search in a new place for morel mushrooms. They didn't find any but they did find several other things of interest. These are the photos Haley took of their hike into the woods.

 Larry and Clayton take off in one direction, while the girls

went on an adventure of their own.

They found a cave, far down in the woods. Grace went in to check it out and found out she was not alone.

This little fellow was just hanging around, apparently a little sleepy.

 The effects of the 2003 ice storm are still visible and still make walking in the woods difficult.


Grace gives an idea of how big this cave was. I wonder who or what else has taken shelter there?


I also wonder if there are fossils in this cave. We often find them in the sandstone around here.

And even though the cave and the bat were the big excitement for the kids, they still took time to notice little things, like the fiddlehead ferns coming up.


Hidden Trails Stables said...

It's so nice to see the kids still enjoy and appreciate nature! Great pictures, and wonderful children!!

Granny Sue said...

Isn't it, Judy? I think more kids would get into it if their parents would go with them. There's nothing quite like just wandering and looking. Which is what makes your trail rides so enriching.

Jaime said...

My Botany Professor says fiddleheads taste like asparagus but then he also says other greens taste like asparagus as well. Asparagus must be the "chicken" of of the plant world.

Granny Sue said...

LOL! You might be right.

I tried to fix them several times, Jaime, but the ones around here have so much fuzz on the stems it wasn't worth the trouble. And I didn't care much for the taste either--not much like and asparagus I've ever had.

Nance said...

My grandchildren love the outdoors. They enjoy finding worms and fish and shells and sticks and leaves and rocks. Missouri has plenty of rocks! lol Not so many fossils but a few. I love the looks of the fern, when it is just a sprout. So distintive and it looks so fresh!

Susanna said...

Someone raised them right, Nance :)

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