Friday, April 22, 2011

Into the Woods

Morel hunting requires close examination of the forest as you search because the mushrooms can be difficult to spot. The added value of this kind of careful mindfulness to the task is that you also see many other things almost as interesting as the elusive morel.

Here are a few of the things that caught my eye last Saturday as we scoured the woods: 

Creasy greens blooming just behind the house

Someone's little home--could it be a fairy house, or perhaps just a fairydiddle's house?

A rock pile signaling the past--long ago wheat was grown on this steep hillside.

Do you see that tiny hole in the ground just below the tree? George spotted this; I am sure I would have overlooked it. But in this little hole were

two tiny baby rabbits! So snug they were in their little nest. Even though we knew we'd soon be chasing them out of our gardens, we left them to their slumbers.

And finally, back home over the hill to cook the day's haul.

Tomorrow I will post photos that Grace and Haley took when they went venturing with Larry in search of mushrooms in another location. They didn't find any, but they certainly saw some neat things.

Have you been in the woods this spring? What did you see?


Angela said...

I hope to take a walk in our woods tomorrow to see if we can find some morel mushrooms! Larry sure does have a good eye! I know what he was thinking when he found those rabbits. He was thinking good eatin when they get bigger! hehehe

Happy Easter to you and your family Granny Sue!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

That walk in the woods looked like fun. That one hole you saw I wondered if a snake was in it, :o(
The baby bunnies are cute, but if you make them pets
you can't eat them ;o( Wish I knew how to look and find mushrooms in the woods..

Janet, said...

the bunnies were so cute! I love wandering in the woods. Andrew and David went out again a while ago and found a big bunch of morels. The most they had ever found at one time.

Granny Sue said...

This is perfect weather for them, Janet-plenty of rain followed by a little warmth. If I tell Larry your guys found some he'll be back in the woods even in the dark!

Granny Sue said...

Angela, you're probably right! They're so helpless though, who could harm them? I've never seen anything so cute.

Good luck hunting! Look on the northern side of the hill, where there are poplars and/or downed timber. Seems like they like those spots, although this year they're everywhere. Must be a boom year for mushrooms.

Granny Sue said...

Well, Gingerbread, there could be a snake in there. More likely it's a ground squirrel's home, though. One day you'll have to try your hand at finding the 'shrooms!

Jai Joshi said...

How lovely! I hadn't taken a walk in the woods in months. I miss that sense of peace and wonder.


Granny Sue said...

It's time, Jai. I had not been out either. There is nothing quite like just looking about in the forest.

Nance said...

Today I found the Mayapples up and healthy with white violets blooming under the Mayapple's umbrella protection. Dandilions, of course, all over! The Redbuds that escaped the yards and are running rampant thru the timber are not quite in full bloom, but so pretty. The wild plums are blooming too in the fence lines.


Glorious native dogwood trees in full bloom. A wonderful treat from Mother Nature -- barbara

Granny Sue said...

Our dogwoods are coming out too! The redbuds had a short run this year, too much rain, too cold, then too hot, then too much rain... it's been a strange spring.

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