Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vintage Thursday: Auction Aftermath

I mentioned that we went to an auction last week, I think. We had a very good time--too good, I think. We came home with the truck loaded and no time to sort it all out. Thank goodness our friend Lynn was there and willing to take some of the extra things that came with lots I bought or we'd have been buried even deeper.

Larry carted in the house-type boxes on Monday and I've been working my way through them, one box at a time. The thing with these kinds of auctions is that you're often buying a pig in a poke--you might see one or two things in a box that you like, but you have to take the entire box. So while I got the things I wanted, I also ended up with tons of odds and ends in my $1 or $2 dollar box.

This is really the fun part. It's a gamble in a way. You pay your money and take your chances. Take this box for example:

I really just wanted the top to a butter dish because mine doesn't have one. I was willing to pay $1 to get one--and I ended up with all these other things too! And of course, the lid I thought I wanted didn't fit my butter dish so I'm out $1.

Or am I?

Most of these are lids or bottoms to refrigerator storage dishes that were popular in the 30's-60's and are now collectible. A quick check on eBay confirmed that I can probably sell at least some of them and get a good return on my investment. So all is not lost. But I'll need to do a lot of measuring and if I can identify the maker of each piece, so much the better. Research. And here are more miscellaneous lids, etc:

Then there was this little item.

I saw it down deep in a box and thought it might be worth something; even if it wasn't I just liked it. After checking the label on the bottom I did some online research and found that this is a wood carving from Italy from a well-known company and it's definitely worth more than $2.

This tray was a similar find. I started to give it to Lynn because it wasn't really my style, but I looked closer and decided I needed to do more research. As it turns out, the tray is actually a good item by a company named Couroc. Who knew?

Another small item that I almost tossed was this little 3" plate.

I turned it over and saw that it was Spode. Again, it was time to research. The blue print on the back, I found, means it was made pre-1970 and the position of the doll's arms meant it was the "Left" pattern. I listed the plate on eBay for $10 and it sold in five minutes. Obviously I underpriced it, but then I'm happy with the result, so it's all good.

Did I say we had a great time? We sure did. I will be working for the next two weeks at least on figuring all these things out and listing them on eBay. This will be a new retirement hobby, I can see that, and one that might actually pay its own way. That's what I call a win-win.

Are any of you auction bugs? What was your best-ever find?

As for Lynn, she made quite a haul too!


Janet, said...

Sorry if this is a double post, I posted it while ago and it never showed up. It looks like the 'auction bug' has bit you. I don't usually go to auctions, only yard and estate sales. Blogger has been messed up today and this is the first time I've been able to comment on anyone's blog.

karen kelly said...

I love autions like that. I came home with 3 truck loads one time some of it junk and some had some great stuff in it.

Karen Kelly


Oh, oh -- your retirement didn't last long -- sounds like you are swiftly becoming a marketeer. -- barbara

Rowan said...

What fun going through all the boxes to see what was in there! And it sounds as though you'll be up on the deal as well. I'm not an auction goer but I can definitely see the attraction. Hope you find that lid for your butter dish eventually:)

Granny Sue said...

Janet, I've always been an auction bug :) My first little house when I was 18 years old was furnished from auctions and I've never changed all these years later. What changed was time and ability to go to them. It's been over a year since my last auction and I think I was feeling withdrawal!

Karen,I remember you telling me about that auction! You got some great deals.

Granny Sue said...

I think you're right, Barbara. I have wanted to give it a try for some time, so now I'm dipping my foot in the water. We'll see how it goes.

I might find that lid one day, Rowan! I can hope. Meantime, I'll have a lot of fun looking.

wvsimplicity said...

We love going to auctions! We have attended quite a few. My husband did have a surprise once though. He was bidding on a couple of box lots. Two boxes, so he thought. When he went to pick up those boxes, the auctioneer asked what he was doing. The auctioneer exclaimed, "you didn't just win the bid for those two boxes, but you won the bid on the whole row of boxes!" Two auctions was taking place, one inside(where I was) and one outside(where my husband was). After finding out he just purchased the whole row, he came running inside, inquiring what I bought. He said "don't buy anything else, cause I don't think we have any more room in the vehicle." You can imagine my thoughts. "What in the world did you buy?" We could not have put one more item in our vehicle. We laugh now, but at the time it was pure disbelief.

Granny Sue said...

That is so funny, Simplicity! I hope you got some good things in his surprise purchase :)

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