Tuesday, June 7, 2011

After the Company Leaves

The laundry gets done,

The quilts get folded,

The pillows get put away,

The dishes get done and the stove gets cleaned up,

the rockers sit empty,
and so does the swing,

 and even the firepit looks forlorn.

But boy, it sure was a fun weekend! Two sisters came on Wednesday and left on Friday, our youngest son came Saturday and left Monday, and several friends came to visit Sunday, including Susan and her family. The porch and firepit were busy all weekend.

 Which is exactly how it should be, right?


Debbie Couture said...

Your house looks so cozy Sue. Glad you had a great week-end.

Country Whispers said...

Sounds like a great weekend!
I love you porch. It looks so inviting and cozy.

Nance said...

That is a perfect weekend. And a perfect setting. A perfect shade of green.

PS: I'm needing a clothesline; more specifically, needing clothesline poles like yours. I'm thinking about retirement when I will have the time (motivation?) to hang the sheets out.

Rowan said...

Sounds as though you had a fun weekend, I think it's always nice to have a day or two of quiet pottering after a time like that.

Granny Sue said...

Quiet pottering is the perfect description, Rowan. That's what it felt like I was doing. Just tidying up, moseying around--a nice day.

Jessica, the porch is the favorite place here in warm weather--the firepit is a close second. I wish I had taken a photo of the deck after the auction, though--we had it completely covered with boxes and stuff! A lot of sorting went on to get it organized. Goodwill got a good load, Larry got scrap metal, and we all ended up with nice piles of good items from our trip.

Granny Sue said...

Debbie, one day you'll make it up here, I'm sure. Can't you just see us on the porch, sipping coffee and chatting?

I love my clotheslines, Nance. We hang out all the wash now and it only takes a little bit before it's all dry. In rainy weather we're using the large drying rack--not as easy but effective. There is nothing quite like line-dried sheets, though.

Debbie Couture said...

That would be fun Sue. I would love for Bernadette to come too. She would love all your gardens. My husband would too for that matter. Maybe sometime when your life slows down a little-ha,ha, and I get Bernadette out here. She has a grandson in Ohio now so goes there when she can get away.

Twisted Fencepost said...

How fun of everyone to come and celebrate your retirement with you!

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