Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Further Thoughts on Retirement

So it's been almost a month since I retired. What has it been like?

  • I've been dirtier and tireder than I have in years
  • I've felt such satisfaction at the end of each day
  • I do more laundry because I get more clothes a LOT dirtier
  • I cook more and we're eating better. Not losing any more weight but not gaining either.
  • I seldom sit still
  • We will undoubtedly spend more on soap, shampoo detergent and dishwashing liquid
  • We will spend less on groceries, makeup and clothes
  • I need better shoes for the woods
  • I need a lot fewer shoes in general
  • I have too many clothes
  • I have more cuts, scrapes and bruises than I've had in years
  • We'll be buying more coffee since we switched to a different coffeepot (more about that later)
  • The house is messier (THAT is a surprise!) because I have so many projects going on
  • I sleep like a stone
  • I still haven't found time to write, but maybe that will come after this initial pile of work gets done
  • My gardens look better than usual for this time of year
  • I want to make more gardens
  • I have less time for online because I have so much to do
  • I have not taken my allergy medication since I retired and don't think I need to


warren said...

I think the allergy medicine says a whole lot...excellent list!

Granny Sue said...

Doesn't it though, Warren? I always wondered if my workplace was the issue, since often when I was away from there I didn't take the medicine and did well. We'll see how it goes the rest of the summer. I'm really pleased about this, I can tell you.

Rowan said...

Sounds pretty positive on the whole then:)

Granny Sue said...

It is, Rowan! Even the getting dirty, getting banged up and being really tired at night is all good. It's just different and kinda funny. When I was a child I was always covered in bruises and such. Maybe I'm reverting?

A Vintage Green said...

Sounds like health costs are going down. Good changes. Love your list. Love retirement.
- Joy

Country Whispers said...

Sounds like retirement is just what you needed!

Granny Sue said...

I think health costs will go down, especially if I can continue to lose weight. Right now I'm at a plateau--I lost 10 pounds then stalled. There are more dietary changes I can make, I suppose, but I'd like to wait and see if it starts going again. Larry is stalled too, after losing 25 pounds. He works so hard it's difficult to imagine him eating less, and he's been an a much better diet since I've been home. We'll see what happens in the next month.

Mary said...

My allergies also improved when I left my moldy school, sarcoidosis stabilized and meds reduced. Dr. Cannon said he's noticed that with others.
I'm sure your writing time will increase with colder weather and fewer outdoor chores . . . maybe just note good ideas for now and then let them . . . percolate. (Looking forward to the coffee story). Enjoy the transformation from "human doing" (at others' direction) to "human being."

Nance said...

Can't wait for my turn! Sounds like such great days. I like the "sleeping like a stone" bit. My retired sister says she doesn't know how she found time to work. Sounds as tho it is the same for you.

Twisted Fencepost said...

It is amazing that when your life changes all the things that change along with it.

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