Thursday, August 18, 2011

Railey Ridge Report

Crisis in the Chicken Yard

A hawk flew over the chicken yard this morning, creating panic and pandemonium among the residents. The rooster reports that all is well and order has been restored. There were no casualties. They turkeys extended their sympathies to the upset hens and asked what a hawk was anyway.

Security Forces on the Job
Jeb and Otis noted that there was some suspicious activity around the ridge last night but due to their incessant barking intruders were kept at bay, although Ridge residents are bleary-eyed from lack of sleep.

A Cat-astrophe
Some consternation ensued for Clyde and Charlie when the Old Man did not get up at his usual time yesterday, delaying their morning milk serving until almost noon. The cats plan to file a complaint with the Old Granny.

Ripley Visitors
The Old Granny visited Ripley yesterday to have breakfast with her granddaughter and great-granddaughter. Great granddaughter was much impressed with how the Old Granny could mimic the Old Man snoring, and confided that her daddy 'nores too.

Traffic Report
State Road trucks will be safe on Joe's Run today as the Old Man does not plan any outings. For more information about why the trucks are safe, ask the Old Man--or my car's back bumper.

Weather Report
At the moment, skies are blue, dew is heavy, the air is fresh and all is right with the world.

Kitchen Quips
Tomatoes and cucumbers won't can themselves so it is time for this Reporter to quit playing and get to work.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Where's the sports page?

Mama-Bug said...

What a fun commentary this morning! Thanks for the news update in your neck of the woods!

warren said...

With any luck, extra critters in white boxes will be coming to the ridge this weekend. Stay tuned for more news...

Granny Sue said...

John, I totally missed the sports report! Next time :)

This weekend? Cool, Warren!

momalizzie said...

How funny you are!!! I liked this so much, I made everyone listen as I read it out loud! All agreed this was well written and much liked!!!

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, Liz! This place can be nutty, and it's not just the humans who act that way :)

Nance said...

Nance, hitting the "LIKE" button.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Haven't said hi in awhile.
Just waiting for the crisp snap of Autumn here.

Have a magical month!


Your post made me smile all the way through -- Thanks -- barbara

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