Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vintage Thursday

I've done so much junking, flea-marketing, yard-saling and overall gathering in good stuff in the past week that it's hard to know where to start. Here's a few things added to the eBay page:

Old wine bottle with a pretty grape pattern and its original lid;

 Hazel Atlas pitcher in the Colonial Block pattern;

 a cute country angel;

 and a nice vase complete with cherubs;

 an Avon bottle in milk glass;

 two awesome solid glass bookends;

 some old cake plates or dessert dishes, probably German or Bavarian but unmarked;

These lovely herb-patterned dishes,

and a lot, lot more.

Tomorrow: canning! a bushel of tomatoes and half a bushel of cucumbers await. No more play for this woman.


A Vintage Green said...

You have a big day planned for Thursday.

I get to go to the dentist, take a load over to my booth, paint another coat on the table I am getting ready, finish painting one side of my entry wall, bag the deadheading I did today and finish cleaning off the deck stuff (we top coated the deck today and boy am I glad that job is over until next year. All decks are finished now. Just cleanup of extra stuff, and then on to the next big job on the summer list. I am grateful we can still do the work.
- Joy

Granny Sue said...

Joy, that's a busy day! Good luck with all of it.

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