Monday, September 26, 2011

Flower Gardens Walkabout

I took advantage of the beautiful weather this morning to walk around the gardens. I harvested some parsley, picked and put a bushel of pears in the cellar, and then just meandered, looking at the flowers that are still soldiering on as the autumn weather cools and days shorten.

The begonias actually seem to like this cooler weather and are outdoing themselves with bloom. I may bring this pot indoors for the winter to provide some flowers in the cold months.

The morning glories have climbed about 10 feet, up the trellis beside the deck, up the deck rail and now to the top of my porch light. They had their first blooms about 2 weeks ago--they're not covered in bloom but those they have are just gorgeous and large, like this one:

In the other beds, some flowers are still looking pretty, like this Autumn Sedum:

And the Cleome is surely acting like Queen of the Garden, her other name, as the rest of the flowers slowly give up:

The one tea rose I still have is blooming again after taking a rest through the summer's heat:

The Knockout roses by the driveway are having one last fling before frost too:

The asparagus are seeding, and some wild white ageratum (I don't think that's they're real name but that's what I call them) are making themselves at home amidst the asparagus:

This old chair is just about hidden by the flowers spilling from the pot on its seat.

The bucket of flowers hanging on the pump almost didn't survive July, but they are making a comeback now:

My pink hibiscus is full of seeds. If you would like some, leave a comment on this and I will mail some to you as soon as the weather clears again--since beginning this post the rains have arrived and everything is once more soaking wet!
So,  how are your flowers faring this fall?


D said...

I would love some Pink Hibiscus seeds.

Granny Sue said...

Email me you address, D, at and they'll come your way as soon as this soggy world dries out again. Lots of thundering tonight. I hope it doesn't knock all the seeds loose...

Nance said...

me too! me too! please and thank you.

sylviamorice said...

Looks like you are having an AMAZING fall! Enjoy the weather before winter hits...that's what I'm trying to do, but my yard doesn't at all compare to yours. Great photos, by the way. Love them.

Nance said...

and your gardens are lovely. If any thing like ours, they are getting a little leggy and looking a little seedy and a little long in the tooth. Some, like the Autuman Joy Sedum and the wild purple asters are trim and neat and in their glory!

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