Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good Neighbors

Good neighbors. They show up at your door with warm biscuits, ripe peaches and three squirrels ready to be dressed out.

For those of us who live in the country and who enjoy wild meat, squirrels are a real treat, a delicacy that when fixed properly rivals anything a chef can prepare. For us squirrels are not furry little friends who come out to play, although we do enjoy watching them as much as anyone. Our meat however is mostly homegrown or harvested from the woods around us, so we look at wildlife a little differently than people in the cities and suburbs. Bringing in our own meat is a fact of life here.

Our good neighbors knew I'd been down with a cold. So on this windy rainy evening they bundled up and traveled up the ridge to see how I was getting on. We added some homemade jam to the biscuits, made coffee and poured sassafras tea for Delmar because he doesn't drink coffee, and had a little feast. The squirrels will wait until tomorrow to be cooked for dinner.

Good neighbors. They're worth their weight in gold--and squirrel meat.



Yes, you're right. Squirrel is good. My mother used to fry squirrel and make gravy. Delicious. It's been years since I've had it now. Too much city life and too little country. Enjoy!

Angela said...

I do know that I ate squirrel as a kid because dad was laid off from work and that was the way to put food on the table but I haven't had squirrel since then. I'm not sure if I could do it! Last night the son of an old good friend called to see if they could squirrel hunt today. Last year was his first time hunting squirrels and he loved it.

Hope you are feeling better!

Janet, said...

Yes, be sure and make gravy. People used to bring fish, squirrels, etc. to Grandma all the time.

Granny Sue said...

Barbara, I bet you can taste them still, just remembering :)

And Angela, if someone fixed them for you, you might just enjoy them again! Squirrel does not taste like any meat I can think of--certainly not like chicken, and not beef--something in between?

If someone wants to bring me fish, meat or vegetables, I am always glad to take it off their hands, Janet. I imagine your grandma was the same way. It was the old-time way, wasn't it?

Nance said...

I can remember my grandmother was most grateful when a grandson brought her a squirrel or a rabbit (or even some big ol' frog legs). I have a friend now that would give anything to enjoy squirrel at a meal but her guy friend would faint over dead. lol

Granny Sue said...

That's so funny, Nance! Some people enjoy the flavor of wild food, others just don't. I learned to like it. The stuffed peppers (oops, forgot to post that recipe!) had ground venison in them. I cannot tell the difference between venison and beef in most recipes.

Pepper recipe in the morning, I promise! It turned into a most busy weekend.

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