Friday, September 23, 2011

Project Peppers

Today's project: getting the peppers put up. Dinner tonight will be stuffed peppers. I'll share the recipe tomorrow, or later today if I have time.

I put most of the peppers in the food dryer because I have a lot of leftover frozen ones from last year that need to be used up.

 I will use the dried peppers in spaghetti, chili, meatloaf and other dishes.

Then I have these left to do:

I will string up the chili peppers to dry, but what to do with the hot banana peppers and the jalapenos?
Does anyone have any awesome recipes for these?



Loved the pic of the peppers. We love green peppers, just to munch on or cooked into foods. I freeze them as well and use in chili or soup.

When I thought of the bountiful crop you had, I think of the grocery store prices from this summer. Unreal.

WE got peppers lately from the Amish farmer and they were
5 for a dollar.
Thanks for sharing this. Blessings, Barb
PS I'm trying to get around to read posts by everyone. Didn't do much of that when I was sick.

Mama-Bug said...

What beautiful peppers! I guess I need to get a dehydrator myself. Don't have a clue what to buy; what do you suggest Granny Sue? I'm running out of freezer space!
We just set out collards and have turnip greens and kale coming up in the garden. Can't wait for some fresh greens and cornbread!

Janet, said...

We are tired of peppers and still have many in our garden. You can stuff jalapenos with a mixture of cream cheese, cheddar cheese and Cajun seasoning and bake. They're pretty good.

Granny Sue said...

That sounds good, Janet!

Mamabug, I bought mine on Amazon. It's a Nesco dryer and works fairly well. It wasn't too expensive, I'm thinking around $30. It doesn't have heat control, though, which I don't like.

Granny Kate said...

I made pepper jelly. You wouldn't think it was good, but it is. Chop your peppers and however many peppers you have, that's how much sugar you'll be adding. And one fifth as much vinegar.

Put your chopped peppers, pectin and the vinegar in the kettle and bring it to a boil and add your sugar. Test it like you do for any jelly and when it's at the jell stage, fill your jars.

You can process 5 minutes if you normally do this. I haven't found it to be necessary for preservation purposes, but that extra heat seems to help the textue.

This is great on biscuits when you're having brown beans.

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