Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recent Reading

My reading the past few days has been a bit eclectic. Besides reviewing ghost stories for this week's programs, the following have been on my table:

This stack kep me occupied for several hours. These are entries in the local library's Fall writing contest. I am one of the judges so I've enjoyed reading a wide variety of stories and poems.

The pile eventually narrowed down to this, but there is still more reviewing to do and decisions to make with the other judges. It's fun, I have to say.

This little cookbook fell out of the cabinet when I was looking for something else. It's full of old-tim-y recipes, like this one:

That last line would give a cook pause, wouldn't it?

And then there's this, my favorite monthly publication: 

Of course, one reason it's my favorite is because I write my column, Granny's Front Porch, for them. Last month's column was about persimmons and included folklore, a story, and other ruminations. Click here to read it. You can subscribe online to Two Lane Livin' too; it's full of articles for those of us who live beyond the interstates.

That's what I've been reading. How about you? Anything interesting on your reading table this week?


momalizzie said...

I had a stack of magazines to get through this week, and finally accomplished reading all of them this morning. I enjoy getting magazines from the thrift store, some are dated as far back as 1965, while others were today's date. The 1965/1966 magazine was a McCalls, all on fashion. We've come a VERY long way since then. Other than that, perusing cook books like my big sis!

Granny Sue said...

I like to read them too Liz! Even the recipes can be funny. I remember in the 60's when the craze was baking ham in Coke. And all kinds of jello recipes were a fad too. I

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