Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday's Junking

Some cool finds recently to share with you. The fun of listing things on eBay is what I learn. For example, this pitcher was made by the Cumbow company in Abingdon, VA during the Great Depression. It took my some time to identify it as such, but what a history lesson. The ladies would paint "blanks" that were purchased from Homer Laughlin or Johnson Brothers China. It was a way to earn money during the Depression and pieces were made for the Roosevelts, Eisenhower and many other famous people. My listing for this piece sold today and I am so happy to see that it is returning to Abingdon. That's just cool.

Sandwich glass seems to be very collectible these days. I find a good bit of it in my area. This bowl is an example of Anchor Hocking Sandwich Glass, which was one of those things put into boxes of oats, I believe. There are other, more valuable kinds of this glass but the Anchor Hocking and Tiara brands are what are commonly found. Forest green colored glass in this patten is more rare and quite sought after.
Don't you love this little dish? This was made by the Hofbauer Crystal Company in Germany. They are no longer in business but they made many bird-themed crystal pieces. This one just sparkles beautifully in the sunlight. I kind of hate to part with it, truthfully, but I don't have room for more glass and I am hoping a bird lover will purchase this one.

I remember these from my childhood! They need a bit of cleaning before I can list them, but aren't they cute?

This little gilt dresser box has a beveled glass lid. The gilt items seem to be attracting some collectors these days. This one needs a bit of cleaning before I list it. I currently have a gilt oval dresser tray listed so this would go nicely with that tray.

More gilt--this little piano is a music box. I wish I knew the tune it plays! It is currently listed.

These Indiana Glass candle lamps were all the rage in the 60's. This one is clear glass and so pretty when it's got a candle in it.

Small primitive bench with its original green paint. I had some cleaning to do on this one and it could still use a little more before I list it.
A Buckeye Root Beer Mug that's well over 50 years old. The pitcher that was sold with these is highly collectible. Wish I had one of those!

So that's a little of recent finds. There are many more but I'm sure you;ve had enough by now. And today? Well, I added more to the lot so as soon as my internet is fixed I'll be listing a lot more.

How about you? Any good finds recently?


D said...

I love seeing the old things others find.
I accidently bought a pair of Victorian wire wrapped ornaments from ebay this week. Someone didn't know what they were & listed them in with a lot of mercury glass ornaments! Score

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Adoring your lovely "junque"!

Janet, said...

After seeing you at the library today, I found a book titled, Words From a Fearless Heart A collection of wit, wisdom and whimsy Laura Ingalls Wilder. I just love it. And a black Fiesta saucer for 25 cents.

Granny Sue said...

I do love hunting up this stuff! Today's trip included 3 thrift shops and one consignment shop. Found a nice Fenton ice blue vase pr it might be a spooner, a Blenko bowl. Some Bavarian plates, an orange ball creamer and sugar bowl, 4 or 5 vintage tablecloths...lots more.

Janet, you had some good finds too. You have the eye for it!

Marie said...

Great finds! I particularly love the candle glass and the sandwich glass plate! And that pitcher is just charming!

Mountainword said...

Hi Susanna - I love the little bench! Those are handy for all sorts of things - plants, seats, footstools, endtables - and the little silverish boxes like the piano you have used to be really big sellers on ebay. I sold lots of them - for some reason there were a lot a goodwill once - and got around $15-20 each for them, sometimes more if they were unique.

Mama-Bug said...

These were some great finds; love that little bench the best!

Granny Sue said...

D, what is a wire wrapped ornament? I do't think I've ever seen one but it sounds interesting.

Granny Sue said...

Jason I noticed these gilt and brass items sell well too. Some get better prices than others but all I have listed have old. Maybe they go with shabby or cottage decorating?

Granny Sue said...

Marie I like the candle lamp too. Won't break my heart if it doesn't sell :)

That little bench seems to be popular! It's really more footstool size though, and it needs a leg fixed before I can sell it. Then I'll be hunting for a box the right size for shipping. That's a challenge sometimes.

D said...

I didn't either until I researched after having bought them. If you google: Victorian wire wrapped ornaments, you'll find all kinds of interesting info. The victorian age is about when America started her facination of Christmas/tree/ornaments, ect.
I'm so surprised that these paper thin glass ornaments ever made it past their first use.

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