Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting Behind! Winners, and the Next Giveaway

Hey everyone, I am behind on the giveaways! I had only one new follower since I announced the giveaway, and I do not think that person responded. So instead, I will simply draw 5 names from those who have commented at any time this month.

First, here's the next giveaway:

 Well, some if it anyway! There's more:

This wood bucket needs some lovin'. It's been kicked around here from one place to another and needs a home that will love it. This little chicken is looking for a nest too:

 Other items:

Sweet little shelf with hooks and 3 ceramic chicken tiles; a rooster scrubber holder, hand painted (says so on the back, but done in China I'm sure) rooster plate, and a lovely original watercolor of a chicken (the one that crossed the road perhaps?).

The oak basket is fairly old but still has its original tag. It was made by Fred Means, probably from Ritchie County or Doddridge County, WV.

This is really a country-themed giveaway, isn't it? You can win by commenting on this or any other post this month. Each time you comment your name goes into the drawing, so your chances increase. You must be a follower, of course! And I appreciate a follow-up comment from the winners here and on their own blog if they have one.

Now, here are the winners of the CD:


Each of you gets a copy of my ghost stories CD! To claim your prize, respond to this post (within 7 days, please, it helps me stay on track!), and then email your mailing address to me at susannaholstein@yahoo.com
Past winners are still eligible :)

That's all there is to it! Good luck, all!


Mamabug said...

I'm so happy to have a copy of your CD Susanna; thank you so much! I would love a chance at the country giveaway; I love baskets!
Merry Christmas!

Jenny said...

I love the chicken themed gifts, perfect for my country kitchen.

Drema said...

I love the chickens, would be right at home in my kitchen.

OneOldGoat said...

Oh I love chickens. I'll be putting pictures of my winnings on my blog just as soon as our mail delivery brings it :). She has just a little jeep and with all the Christmas deliveries, is a bit behind with packages. I can't wait!!

Beth aka One Old Blog

Andi said...

Oh, thank you so much...I can't wait to listen to your CD! BTW, I also cannot wait for your granddaughter Cassidy's CD to be available. I LOVE her music! I will email you. Thank you for your blog and the CD!

Carolyn H said...

Granny, what a great giveaway. The oak basket is an especially nice piece, but I'm of the "a woman can never have too many baskets" persuasion so I might be biased.

Country Whispers said...

Congrats to the CD winners.
I love the chickens in your next giveaway.

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