Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Red and Red and Red

I'm slowly getting things together for Christmas. Dusting, waxing and finishing touches are all that's left--oh, and silver cleaning! This is what I did on the table. I pulled together crystal, red and green glass to create a seasonal display. I'm not 100% satisfied with it; it looks like too much to me.

Here's a closer look at the elements. What should I add or remove? I just feel like something is missing here.

Ruby Red saucer and cup and small angel candle holder with a red metallic spiral candle;

Horsehead bookend, red controlled-bubble paperweight, green glass tree candy jar, Ruby Red vase with sparkly twigs, small deer candle holder with a red ball in it instead of a candle, red decanter with crystal stopper.

I used a glass brick that was given to me by a friend to give height and extra crystal shine to the arrangement. Small crystal salt cellar and the small shakers are just everyday use items that snuck into the picture!

I love this sweet little deer with his red ribbon. These are two more of the shakers--I got all 4 for $1.00 a few weeks ago. They're heavy cut glass and I believe they're fairly old. I really like the feel of them.

I used my tall silver candlesticks with gold candles to frame the arrangement. Yes, I know, the candlesticks still need to be cleaned!

So, what would you change? One problem with the stuff I have on the table is that I have to move a lot of it to serve dinner if we have company. I will probably put a new tablecloth on the table and some Christmas placemats before Christmas--I have a red cloth, and also one that is tan with a holly pattern. I'm still deciding which one to use; I also have two choices of placemats. Decisions, decisions!

Here is more red glass around the house:

These are on a high shelf in the living room, and my picture is a little crooked!

I love the tall red jars at the back of this shelf. They have brass lids and the glass is very thin, and quite possibly just painted red glass but they really make a statement.

I found this piece at Goodwill and it took me some time to identify it. My instinct said Blenko, but I could find no Blenko vase that looked like this. While looking at Blenko ashtrays, I spotted it: it is the base for a Blenko lighter. There should have been a round cigarette lighter in the top, and the base would have rested in the center of an amberina ashtray. Alone, it's still a striking piece of glass, although its value is greatly diminished by not having the lighter.

In another cabinet there is this collection of glass:

Crackle, Diamond Point, Ruby Flash,

and a cranberry colored sugar and creamer that was my mother's and is quite old, I believe. I found the name of the sugar and creamer--they're blown glass--but cannot recall it now. Mom also collected crackle glass pitchers. The square pitcher was my mother's; I think the tall orange vase and the candle lamp are Fenton. There are two pieces of Amberina Moon and Stars glass in here as well. The copper etched plate was a gift from a friend in 1993--she brought it back from Turkey.

That's most, but not all, of my red glass. If you haven't guessed--yes, red glass is my favorite, followed by crystal, amber and green.

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Granny Kate said...

It's lovely!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Sounds like 'display' lots of beautiful red and silver and Christmas and modify for dinners. Liked learning about the Blenko glass.

Country Whispers said...

All that red really adds to the festive mood of the season. Bright and cheery!
Not much help with decorating. I never decorate the table because it's always taken up with food.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Well, there certainly isn't any *love* missing....... ;)

Blessed Season to you and yours.......


momalizzie said...

Granny Sue, your table is beautiful with all the red and crystal glass. If it were my table? I'd add some of the greenery pots you made and put on the table. Some of those arrangements would pick up the red, crystal and silver, I think. I love the color red, too. I cut some branches of a holly tree and put that around my "red section" of decorations at my house. But really? You're flair for decorating doesn't need any help, it's beautiful every time!!!

Antiques And Teacups said...

I just love all the vintage glass! And it makes such a festive and well as seasonal display. Merry Christmas!

Mary said...

I'm with Momalizzie, a bit of your lovely greenery would set off the glass. The "too much" decision will be resolved by how much room you need for people. It's beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the wonders . . .

jeanne said...

My goodness, what gorgeous reds and glass treasures. I enjoyed all you shared today. Christmas blessings,

LV said...

I am sure your work will not go unnoticed during the holiday. You have so many lovely things perfect for this occasion.

Mountainword said...

Hi GSue,

That all looks wonderful! And since you asked, I've got some ideas you might want to try:

- since space is such a premium when company comes, try arranging your centerpieces on trays, large platters, or even a rustic piece of wood (I know your style and this would totally fit). That way when you have to remove it, you can simply pick up the tray and take it off the table instead of all the little things.

- decorating, especially for the holidays, is all about layers. You have a nice first layer there of glassware! For the second layer, try adding some greenery, grapevines, berry vines, etc. For an inner layer, you can also fill the glassware with strings of beads, glass ornaments, and such. The shinier the better, since the candlelight will really gleam off them.

- finally (and I see you've done this) keep your centerpiece out of the way of conversation - meaning don't make a barrier between the people sitting at the table. After all, the holidays are all about friends and family - and fruitcake! Which by the way I've made and am sending to you -

C. Joy said...

Just add food, drink, family and friends, your collection is beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Granny Sue said...

What great suggestions and comments! I can see what you're saying, Jason, and you're right--a tray or other "moveable object" would be perfect. I have beads here somewhere, if I can dig them out. Gold and red, just the thing for this arrangement. I also have a cool old panel from a door that has flecks of whitewash on it that might work as a tray. If I can find it, of course!

Liz and Mary, I think the greenery is a good idea too. I usually do have greens on the table (no holly though, I don't have a source for free!). So I'll work on this a bit more.

Thanks for all the suggestions and comments--and Jason, I'll be waiting on the fruitcake! Yum!

Granny Sue said...

Joy, Blenko is a West Virginia glass company; their specialty is modern/contemporary blown glass. They are not my favorite but since I began doing more selling I have come to appreciate Blenko's unique style. Their glass is usually heavy and is very well made. I can find it, and many other kinds of glassware, in my area because of the proximity to the manufacturing areas. Homer Laughlin, Hazel Atlas, Northwood, Rosseville, Paden City, Fenton, Anchor Hocking, and hundreds of other glass plants were located within 100 miles or so of my home, so there is a plenitude of glass around here. One problem can be that a piece might have been sold as a second, but it can be difficult to tell when it's been used.

Rowan said...

I'd go for the red cloth, silver candlesticks and gold candles the crystal, a couple of pieces of red glass and a centrepiece using natural bits and pieces - pine, larch cones, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks and so on. Whatever you do I'm sure it will look great with all the fantastic food I'm sure you'll be serving.
You have some really lovely pices of red glass, it's perfect to cheer up dark winter days.

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