Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Work to Do

After renting that booth, I had to take a kind of inventory of what furniture I had for display. Result: trip to ReStore for shelving. We found some good steel shelves, plus a rolling unit with shelving on both sides that actually used to belong to the library where I worked. For less than $100, I came away with some good stuff.

Next step: paint. I hope tomorrow is a nice enough day to do that. Joy advised that all shelving be the same color so I bought paint on the way home. I also have things that need to be cleaned up so I can use them--you know how it is when you store things in outbuildings. So tomorrow will be a busy work day.

I've been sorting through the things I want to sell, trying to envision how I want to lay them out. I expect this first time will take a bit of time; I'll probably be over there every day for three or four days as I get things situated. And labeled. And entered into a spreadsheet. I also picked up some things to help make the booth more attractive--a few candles, some chocolates to give away the first few days, etc.

It occurred to me that this booth gives me several opportunities I had not considered. Like selling my CDs--it's a good outlet for them. And displaying my storytelling brochures. And selling my West Virginia/Appalachian books--they don't sell very quickly on Amazon and many I don't even have listed there because there is no record to attach them to, but I know there is a market based on my experience with the library book sale. So the booth is a real plus on that score.

Oh, and today's trip to town yielded a lot of great finds! I'd just been to Goodwill yesterday but today I came out with a whole shopping cart full of cool stuff. And it was Senior discount day too :) More for the booth and a few keepers for me.

In between working on the booth will be a recording studio session, an open mic night, and a performance for an arts fundraiser, reading my poetry. Busy days ahead!


Ronda said...

Sounds like you've just hopped on a fun non-stop merry-go-round. Enjoy!!! Oh, the crystal dish is beautiful, nicer than I expected. It will be for my olives during the holidays. Thanks! I wish you much happiness and good fortune with your endeavors!


I thought you retired -- I don't think so -- but this is fun retirement. -- barbara

Granny Sue said...

Ronda, I'm so glad you liked the dish :) It was fun to connect with you in a different way on eBay!

Funny thing is Barbara, I work three times as hard now as when I had a job. Make a whole lot less money, and am having a whole lot more fun. We humans are strange creatures. I miss my work peeps sometimes, but I am having the time of my life, literally.

Rowan said...

It will be fun as well as hard work setting up your booth - hope we shall see photos when it's done. Good idea to use it for your CDs etc as well.

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