Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vintage Thursday: Vintage Handbags

I'm not a person who worries much about the purse I carry--I want it to be functional, hold my stuff, not be too heavy, and have a convenient layout of pockets, etc. It has to be sturdy, too because once I find one I like, I carry it for months. However, that doesn't mean that I'm not attracted to unique bags, and most of the ones I carry are vintage because they are good quality and hold up to the kind of use I give them. I mean, I carry a camera, a multi-tool, a tape measure, pocket knife, voice recorder, cell phone, and all the usual things a woman might need.

Lately I've found some bags that, while they certainly aren't "me" are way cool. Here are a few of them; most are listed for sale on eBay right now.

 I was fascinated by the catch on this bag. A yard sale find, this Rodo bag is made of laquered wicker with the neatest snap catch I've ever seen. It converts easily to a clutch by simply putting the chain strap inside.

A stunning bag, probably from the 70's or 80's. This one sports reptile hide, braid and suede in a luscious shade of purple. Again, the catch caught my eye--it's a braided circlet, just lovely. Made by Palizzio, and like the Rodo bag above, made in Italy.

 This raffia and plastic or bakelite purse was made in Hong Kong. It has a nice brass catch and is lightweight but so cute.

This one may not be vintage, but who can resist beads, satin and rhinestones? Not me. A NY & Co bag.

This bag is made of metal, with a velvet lining that is trimmed in braid. The gold chain strap can be put inside to make it a clutch. Gold and gorgeous! The photo doesn't do it justice really.

The photo  is blurry, but even so the classicly elegant lines of this 50's-era evening bag are clear. Rhinestone-studded catch is a nice touch.

 I am a sucker for beaded bags of all kinds, and this 1950's-60's vintage bag is a great example. What I like most about these older purses is the catches--they were made to be pretty but solid. The hinged frame on this bag is another example of good workmanship.

So simple, and so stylish! This pretty leather bag has a heavy chain handle, and inside, pale pink grosgrain silk lining. There is no maker's name in this one, but it obviously well made.

A country woman like me would have little use for purses like these, but that doesn't stop me from admiring and appreciating them!

Linking to these friends today: A Vintage Green, Colorado Lady, Apron Thrift Girl, Her Library Adventures, From my Front Porch to Yours and A Coastal Charm. Check them out to see lots of great thrifting finds and vintage items!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Don't forget Junker Newbie, she put her party up late but its open now. Love the purses.

Jenny said...

I rarely buy a new purse - I carry them forever too. I've found such nice ones over the past year though that I've bought some & stored them for future use. You can find such amazing buys thrifting!

Mamabug said...

What a fun post this morning! They're all cute but I'm a no nonsense kind of purse myself. My favorite is a denim hobo that I take everywhere.

Granny Sue said...

I'll go look at her site, Joy--thanks for the head's up.

Mamabug, I'm with you--my purses are usually simple and not center-stage like these. But I have learned that vintage bags are in these days, and I love finding them. Sometimes vintage shops in NYC even buy them :)

You know the joys of thrifting, Jenny! Like you, I keep my eyes open for purses I like, and I have a few stashed away too ;)


Love these purses, they are to die for. The nicest I've seen anywhere. Certainly not in the thrift stores I go in.
I carry a huge tote as a purse, big enough to hold my 200 page manuscript plus a novel I'm reading. And everything else I can squeeze in there, water bottle etc.
I rarely dress up anymore.
If I were choosing one of your bags, I did love the bright colored ones with the fancy work.
Blessings to you on selling those beauties.
PS will you be at the conf this summer???
I'm so excited that I am coming.

hart said...

I have a friend who hangs hers on the wall. They are lovely, I seem to remember older family carrying ones like them. I bet they sell fast.--Jane

Granny Sue said...

Hanging them on the wall--what a great idea, Jane! I might just do that if they don't sell.

And Barb, yes! I'll be at the conference! It will be wonderful to see you.

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