Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Day of Heavy Lifting

Not the mental kind either, although we all do plenty of that, don't we? This was the physical kind, as we moved furniture and appliances all. day. long.

It started yesterday, actually. We rented an additional space at the Antique Mall of Marietta; this is a display case with 5 shelves, 4 of them glass. I wanted a good place to display some of my better glass and this case is very close to my other booths. Yesterday morning I priced and packed four totes and we drove to Marietta in the afternoon. We also needed to pick up an apple butter kettle we'd found over the weekend--not for us, but for our son Derek who always helps make it. This kettle was a bargain at $95, in very good condition.

That stop led to part of today's work--we also saw a china cabinet at the same place as the kettle and it was also a bargain. We didn't buy it on the spot. No, I had to wait until today to decide to go back and get it. But I digress.

After stocking the display case we headed home--which is when I remembered we;d be passing an auction that had advertised a roll top desk. My son just told me within this last week that he wanted one. We stopped at the auction. And got the desk, a real steal, really, as well as assorted other stuff including a nice little oak washstand. Somehow Larry and a couple helpers got the heavy oak desk loaded; another stop to buy a tarp to cover it, and we finally made it home around 10:30 last night.

But I forgot Part One of this saga!--the stop Monday at the Goodwill where I found an upright freezer that was just what I needed to replace my aging chest freezer.

So today's agenda was: 1) unload the washstand and other auction stuff; 2) go to my son's to unload the desk; 3) breakfast at the Downtowner; 4) pick up the freezer; 5) come home with the freezer, unload the old one and move it out, then move the new one in and re-load it. 6) Go back upriver and buy the china cabinet; 7) unload and stock the china cabinet at my booth in Ravenswood; 7) pick up tractor tune-up kit that was on order but totally unrelated to rest of this stuff; and 8) come home to sit on the porch, enjoy some chips and salsa and wine and a stellar thunrderstorm. And now 9) write my blog while Larry 10) watches a movie.

Photos? I have none unless you count one of goats blocking the road and another of turkeys ditto. I was much too busy hauling stuff around! Actually, I do have a few of my new space to share on tomorrow's blog. For tonight, it's back to eBay where sales have been unaccountably excellent today. I'll be buried in bubble wrap and packing tape tomorrow, but that's a good thing!

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Steve Ferendo said...

I'm tired just reading about your days ;?)


Nance said...

oh, and isn't it a good feeling now to have done all that and to have that all done? Two good days worth . . . well, good days as long as you and Larry aren't stove up the morrow!

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Sometimes I regret travelling by bicycle since it severely reduces the amount I can take home. But when I read this......
Take care with the heavy lifting, Sue.

Granny Sue said...

Well, I didn't have to do so much of the lifting at all! Larry and Derek moved the desk and the freezers with only a little help from me; the lady at the shop helped Larry move the china cabinet. All I did was help him carry it a half-block to the antique mall because all the parking spots were full :) So the one who deserves the kudos is Larry, who constantly surprises me with his strength, and my son who helped with the really heavy stuff.

sanda said...

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I was searching for information on the post's subject and found your post from a few years ago, which I referenced and linked to.
Yours is an interesting blog; will read more when time permits!

Halcyon Days Blog

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