Monday, September 24, 2012

A Ghost of Christmas Past

I cannot resist used book sales. In any store I enter, I am drawn like a magnet to racks of books with tattered covers and long outdated publication dates. Today was no different. A visit to a local thrift shop turned up this title: Christmas in Colonial and Early America. For a quarter, I bought a peek into history. The book has recipes, songs, and even a few simple craft projects.

It also had a inscription, and I am typing it in full here because, well, you'll understand after you read it. I've left out the name, although I supposed it doesn't matter at this late date.

Merry Christmas, M---  1975

Dearest Granddaughter,

I hope you will like your Corn Husk Doll for your Xmas tree. I'm sure this book won't mean much to you now--but perhaps in future years you will read gthis and remember your Granny gave it to you when everyone was talking about the Bicentennial Celebration of our country--You are only 3 years old--but you have brought so much joy and happiness to me, and I love you so much--I'f I could I'd tie the whole world with a beautiful red ribbon & give it to you to hang on your Xmas tree.

Loads of Love,


It was worth the quarter just to read the inscription.

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Janet, said...

Great find, Susanna.


Love old books too and I agree. Well worth the price just to read the inscription.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

What a pity that the gift and the inscription meant so little to the recipient that it ended up in a sale.

Anonymous said...

Precious inscription! Well worth a quarter. Please don't let Hope Renae see this book...she will have me making everything in it. Liz gave her a couple of cookbooks and we are slowly working our way through them. :) She tells me she would like to live back in the Colonial times...I tell her she's crazy! Love and hugs. tm

JJM said...

I so agree with John ... An inscription like that from my grandmother, or anyone I loved, would cause me to keep a book forever. That was a little kiss-and-a-hug from the past, and I would not have parted with it.--Mario

Nance said...

lovely; sentimental. It does make one wonder how the book came to be separated from the little girl. There's a whole other story to wonder about.

storytellermary said...

It is sad to think of the many reasons this beautiful message may have become separated from its recipient. At least it has now found a good home and wide appreciation. Thanks for sharing it, Sue.

Jai Joshi said...

I can't resist any book store but a used bookstore is like a candy store for me. There's untold treasures inside!


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