Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Stories For October Evenings

It's the season for spooky stuff! I combed back through my blog to find some posts that fit this time of year.

Ghost Stories lists links to other posts with stories and crafts fit for the season.

The Hello Man is the most recent story I've posted.

Ikie's Tomb is a strange, sad tale of an unusual grave.

Mill Creek Hunter  is a story I wrote based on a local legend.

The Amazing Trestle and a Ghost Story is blog about a wonderful railroad trestle and another story I developed based on a snippet of a tale found in a newspaper clipping.

The Gatehouse Ghost is a true story that happened to my family.


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Nance said...

Another late night, this time catching up on all your old ghost stories. I thought I had read each and every one of your posts but either I am getting old and forgetful (ah - no way!) or I just plain haven't read them all. I am, for sure, enjoying this week of reminscing (know I didn't spell that right!) Any more?

Mamabug said...

Can't wait to start reading them!

steeleweed said...

Not exactly a ghost story but my mother remembers that whenever grandma mopped the [wooden] kitchen floor, a large, dark stain appeared and remained until the floor dried. The kids were was told the previous owners of the ranch had a fight and the husband stabbed his young wife to death in the kitchen. Visiting the now-derelict cabin 50 years later, mother pointed out the location and there is a barely detectible stain.

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