Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Catch-Up: The Hoosier Cabinet

No blogs for the past 3 days? Bad Susanna! In my defense, I've been busy...and sick again. I cannot believe that I am on my fourth cold of this winter. Bah! I didn't take vitamin C this winter and look where it's got me. Message to self: take. your. vitamins.

However, a little stuffy headedness (is that a word? Blogger says no) doesn't mean stopping. It just means be careful bending over and keeping the tissues nearby. We have been busy as can be. I've been going through totes to price things to take to our booths, working on the Ravenswood booth expansion and checking on the Marietta booth to see what we need to bring in to re-stock. And packing boxes for consignment too. I'm getting more ruthless (poor Ruth, why should she be less?) as I sort through things I thought I would sell--and then realize that they'd be more trouble than they're worth. That's a whole other post I need to write sometime, actually: how to determine what is worth the effort, and what isn't.

The big news is that the Hoosier/sifter cabinet is finished and at Riverbend! Larry worked hard on this cabinet. We also had a time finding hardware for the top doors--the original hardware was missing when we bought the cabinet. We thought it would be simple to replace. Think again. Offset hinges in nickel plate are not so easily come by. I resorted to eBay to find them and the supplier thankfully shipped them quickly. Larry is so pleased with the outcome of his efforts, and so am I.

This cabinet has the built-in sifter and the bread drawer. The sifter had been painted so Larry stripped it back to its orginal shiny metal. The bread drawer is cool--it's built of tin with a sliding tin lid. That's to discourage mice you know :) The holes are ventilation to keep bread from molding.

There is a built-in rack for knives on the back.

These are the new hinges. Offset hinges--with the hinge on the outside--are not easy to find. Thank goodness for eBay!

I thought the original knobs were pretty cool. We debated replacing them with chrome or red but decided the originals were the best choice.

The big storage door in the bottom has a slide-out cutting board--how cool is that? I have heard that this area could be used to cool bread after baking--the wire rack would certainly work for that purpose, and then there's the cutting board, all ready to slice the bread. 

The dryer sheets are for deodorizing--after years in storage old cabinets can be musty.

Here's the cabinet in the booth, ready to sell. It's such a pleasure to know we brought it back to its original beauty.

I have more photos to share of changes to the booth that we made over the weekend. We've been busy!

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Grandma Susan said...

nice job, Susanna! It looks beautiful. Which Mall is this piece in?

I am expanding at the Parkersburg Antique Mall and my second space is more Shabby Chic. Move in is tomorrow and I too am exhausted getting ready.


Granny Sue said...

Susan, this is at Riverbend in Ravenswood, WV. We are on the hunt for another cabinet to re-do for Marietta.

Congratulations on your booth expansion! And I certainly understand being exhausted--we've spent hours on this expansion but the effort has been well worth it in sales. Lots of things are moving!

Michelle said...

That came out just beautiful! I always love seeing old things brought back to life.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

So very crisp, clean and real. Great collectibles on display on your Hoosier.

I will be very interested in reading your take on what to keep for selling, what deserves shelf space in a collectibles mall and how you work that problem through.

Hope your cold is almost over, takes more energy to keep on keeping on when your head is wooly.


Granny Sue said...

Thank you, Michelle and Joy. We considered painting some contrasting trim but decided that it would be best to leave the color choice to the new owner and to present the cabinet in a plain white. I hope that was a good decision.

Joy, I will write the post about "what not to buy" later this week. I've learned a few things the hard way this past year!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

It came out wonderfully beautiful - someone is going to be very happy with that. Hope this is the last you see of winter colds this year.

Jenny said...

I love this - so beautiful! I wish I had room for one in my kitchen.

Nance said...

I love the Sifter cabinet. If I were within 100 miles of you, I'd own it : ) It just brings back so many memories of my Gramma and her cupboard. Especially, my Gramma. Great Job, you two!


Looks great Susannah - Like others say this brings back sweet memories of my grandmother's kitchen. Congrats to you and Larry for giving it another life!!!

Danielle said...

Beautiful! I agree I love the original knobs. So glad you kept them. Thanks for sharing this at Silver Pennies Sunday!

Lisa Lynn said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing on The Creative HomeAcre Hop!
Hope to see you next time at:

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