Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Of Pickets, Boxes, Tables and More

You must be getting tired of seeing these, but I finished, for the time being, the expansion project at my booth. It will change again as soon as we finish with the Hoosier cabinet and a few other projects, but the basic layout is in place.

It's a lot bigger. I feel like I almost have a small store in there! This photo doesn't even show the whole length of the booth.

I moved the two chairs to the end,

and brought in the finally finished little cabinet I've been working on. I was fairly happy with the result:

I tried my hand at antiquing it and liked the way it looked when I was finished. Here's a corner detail:

This entertainment center belongs to my son who needed to sell it. While not really antique, it is solid oak and I can use it for display until it sells. The big doll house fit perfectly.

 I found this expandable drying rack at the auction. It's huge! It expands in a very odd way. You open it up, then flip it upside down and it makes this lower-than-normal standing rack that is great for displaying linens.

We brought in pieces of picket fence and some old boxes too,

 along with a sweet little bunny who was in a box lot of dolls and stuffed animals I ended up with.
 I did a kitchen display on a table I am selling for my son. He redid this table a few years ago but no longer has room for it, so it's up for sale and in the meantime makes a nice display space.

Here's a better look at the table. I've been collecting jadeite bowls and finally have a full set of four to offe for sale. The popularity of jadeite seems to keep growing.

A small gardening display tops another table that I moved out to give it more visibility.

Here's a better look at that table, which is solid oak with a primitive look. I liked the way the picket fence looked around it.

A better look at the boxes for sale. Boxes and old metal items are also in demand these days.

That's tonight's tour. Today we've been working on painting projects, finishing up work on the Hoosier and the porcelain topped table and a few other things. My husband is really getting into this--he says he enjoys making things useful again. And I sure appreciate his help. It's a lot more fun with two!

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Good busy times. Great displays. Wooden boxes and old metal and jadite remain popular here (BC Canada) too. Thanks for sharing. I spent a few hours this evening painting another shelving unit (once a month late night for dealers at the mall, love having time and quiet to get some messy work finished).

Brighid said...

Staging is the really fun part for me... course it drives the rest of the family crazy when I start doing it at their house...

Granny Sue said...

Joy, I wish we had some non-public time to work in our booths. That hasn't been an option but maybe one I will suggest. Right now I would have to haul things home to paint or repair and that's such a hassle. When I was there Monday there were several dealers also working in the booths and that was fun--lots of conversation and as always I learned a lot from them. Usually when I go it's only me and maybe one other dealer in, because of course most of them have day jobs.

Granny Sue said...

Brighid, if I had to pick a favorite part of doing this, I'd have to say it's the cleaning up of things we find. There is something magical about bringing out the true beauty in something that was neglected. I enjoy the staging part too--that's the frosting on the cake, really. My husband thinks I'm fussing with things but it makes a difference as to how people see the items and how then envision using them in their own homes.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Everything is fabulous - just the kind of things I look for in a shop.

A Primitive Homestead said...

What a grand tour of your booth. I've always likes attending auctions. Oh and the unexpected finds in those box lots. Some years back I was outbid while bidding on a real stuffed mink. My Lucas so wanted it. I didn't realize just how much he wanted it til he teared up. I asked the man who outbid me if he would sale. I bought this stuffed mink for an extra price but how happy it made my boy. Thanks for your visit and kind words. I'm sorry for your loss also. A mother never expects a child to depart before her. I believe it's the deepest hurt a mother can suffer. In my thoughts you are & lifting prayer for you. Blessings! Lara

Granny Kate said...

I love the blue chair. And the green bowls. I go through stages, I guess. Right now, I'm in an antique mood again. I think your booth is lovely! Would love to visit it sometime.

I just spent an hour with Honey and two friends walking around antique stores. Excellent fun!

Janet, said...

You have such neat stuff, Susanna. I have a couple of Jadite bowls, too, and a mug. They are pretty and I understand why people like them.

Sue said...

You're right. It's like a small store.

With LOTS of great goodies in it.


Robyn said...

It all looks so amazing! I wish I lived closer. I'd go broke in there! LOL.. And I LOVE the little cabinet you worked on. I'd scoop that right up! :)
I wonder if you could help me? If you have time, could you pop on over to my blog and give an opinion on my post about blog etiquette? I had a question and I'd love some answers from seasoned bloggers. Thanks so much :)


I thought you retired -- your new booth is a whole new occupation -- nice -- barbara

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