Sunday, April 28, 2013

Over the Hills and Far Away

Well, not so far away--less than 100 miles, actually. This week we had a new adventure. A friend called to tell me about a man who had a houseful of things he wanted to sell. I was invited to come down and buy whatever I wanted from the house, which had been unoccupied for about 7 years.

We made our first trip on Thursday to the house, which is located in the southern part of West Virginia. We took Burt (stands for big ugly red truck) and decided to take the scenic route instead of the 4-lane for most of the way. We were rewarded with breathtaking scenery, a fine twisty mountain road and lots to look at along the way. (And yes, we came home with a truck stuffed full. More about that later.)

So, travel with me along our journey:

Larry carried totes and bubblewrap to the truck, in case we needed them for packing (we did).

 We were stopped for road construction along the beautiful Kanawha River, so the camera came out.

Passing under a coal tipple on US route 60:

Crossing the Kanawha into Montgomery:

I thought these two signs were ironic--one a reminder of when the word drugs just meant medicine, the other a reminder of the issues we face today. These were in downtown Montgomery. The town is really a pretty place, and I want to go back to spend a little time there.
 Along US route 61:

 and further along 61 as it crossed over a very steep mountain. The wide berm here is unusual for this stretch of road; most of it was just a steep drop-off with only the guardrail between car and mountainside.
 Three means of transportation: river, rails, and road:

A cut in the hill along the tracks.

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Quinn said...

As soon as I read "first trip" I started to grin. Can't wait to see all your treasures!


Whoa -- that is quite some road. There are a few narrow roads with no guard rails around here -- scenic yet give me pause. Anxious to find out what you brought home from your trip. Will check back -- barbara

Jenny said...

So, what southern county/town did you go to?

Granny Sue said...

We went to Oak Hill, Jenny. Very pretty place, an older town and very busy.

Nance said...

I do love those West Virginia back roads and vistas. Thanks for the Sunday drive : )

Sue said...

What a beautiful drive...And lots of loot at the end, too. Perfect.


MyMaracas said...

Hello there. I found your blog via Time Goes By ... and you've made me homesick with all these beautiful photos! I grew up in Charleston, West Virginia, and I still think of it as home. And I can't think of a better day than poking through an old house full of things for sale. Can't wait to see what you bought.

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