Saturday, April 27, 2013

Where Did This Week Go?

I cannot believe it is already Saturday!  The time has seemed to evaporate as we hustled from one thing to the next. after stargazing with some of our teen granddaughters and their friends Monday evening, we made up beds for them to sleep over, and ended that very good day. One of my best memories of Monday was sitting around the firepit as Lorna told stories to the teens. Good stories for a good audience.

We said farewell to Lorna and Thomas Tuesday morning and did little else the rest of the day except get things ready to restock the Ravenswood booth. That was our Wednesday task along with catching up luandry and mowing grass. Thursday found us on the road again, this time to check out a private estate sale in southern WV. A friend told us about it and it turned out tto be a good find. Many items to resell and a few to keeep. I will post photos later since I am writing this on my phone.

We unloaded the truck yesterday moring and stored away Thursday's finds. They'll need cleaning, looking up for pricing and such. Then we loaded the car and drove to our Marietta booth to restock there. It has been a  few weeks since we were there and sales have been very good so I had a lot of work to do.

We finished up in Marietta with just enough time to get home, clean up and drive to Charleston for a house concert by Michael and Carrie Klinw. I am in love with house concerts! The intimate setting provides the perfect ambiance for music, stories, conversation  and relaxatiion.

It was midnight when we returned home. Today offers another adventure but a good night of sleep and we are ready to go.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Each day let alone each week flies past so quickly now. Working in the minutes of the day is fine but suddenly the week is over. Love reading your posts.

Sue said...

I have such good memories of our family around a fire telling stories. I don't know what it is about those flames, but they bring out some great tales!


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