Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ack!! Forgot the Photos!

I was in Athens, OH today, restocking our booth there, and I forgot to take pictures! So you will not see the Hoosier cabinet we moved in there, or all the other changes I made. See my sad face? I swear sometimes I think I do all that arranging just to share it here.

I also made some stops at thrift shops along the way. My goodness, I did well. Too well, maybe; the van is just as full now as it was when I left this morning. Oh dear. Maybe I can take a few photos of the booty tomorrow.

The good news is all the booths did very well in July, our best month ever in fact. We've sold everything from tiny items to big pieces of furniture, glassware to wheelbarrows, wineglasses and woodenware. I'll be interested to see the month's statements so I can see just what the hot items were.

Now it's time to turn my focus to the next two big things on my schedule: The Inland Waterways Festival in Marietta, OH this weekend and the Augusta Heritage Series Appalachian Storytelling Workshop I'll be teaching next week. So I'm dusting off river stories and river lore, and digging into my Appalachian storehouse to find good things to share with my students.

Tonight I'll rest, though, and let my mind turn over all the possibilities for these two events. And eat tomatoes. Definitely eat tomatoes. Our gardens runneth over right now, and of course I cannot take the time to can until I return home mid-month. That's how it is, isn't it? But it's okay. The cellar is still very full from last year's canning so I can let it ride this year and just enjoy eating the fruit's of our labor fresh.

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Sue said...

I often forget to take pictures. I was even worse about that before I began blogging.

Your tomatoes sound wonderful. Home grown is always best.


Nance said...

I take pictures. and more. I need a better camera tho. We just ate our first vine-ripened tomato today. It was sooo sweet. Iowa is several weeks behind W VA.

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