Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Trail of the Wayward Storyteller

Someone suggested that a map of my travels might be fun to see, and I thought so too. So, here is where I have been the last two days. My little van is getting quite a workout.

Home is the black dot; each line represents different legs of my journeys. We started yesterday by going to Spencer to get license plates for my van, then took the back way through Elizabeth and along the Little Kanawha River to Parkersburg and on to Williamstown where we picked up two pieces of furniture.

Then we traveled south to Ravenswood where we put one piece in the booth (check it out, it's lovely!).

While we were there another small china cabinet that I had not even taken a photo of yet sold, so I did some fast rearranging before we left for home.

We stopped only long enough to park the van and get in the truck; the next trip was to southeastern Kanawha county to the small community called London, to pick up a Hoosier cabinet. Since the lady said she had some other things, I figured we might want to have the truck, just in case. Good thing, since we ended up with a wardrobe and a chest of drawers in addition to the cabinet. Total miles for the day: 310.

This morning I was up early for the drive to Moundsville, in the northern panhandle region of the state. It was a beautiful drive along the Ohio River, and the storytelling at two libraries was fun with a fine mix of listeners. I met a storytelling friend for a late lunch, stopped by the Goodwill (you know I can't pass up an opportunity!), then drove back to my own county and out to another small community to pick up some things I'd bought on one of those online swap-and-shop sites. And then, finally, I was home, by around 9:00 pm. Total miles for today: 290.

Tomorrow we plan to take care of the Athens booth; then everything will be caught up and good to go while I am at Davis & Elkins College, teaching Appalachian storytelling, listening to good music and meeting some awesome people. And my van will get a little rest, too. Well-deserved, I think.

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Michelle said...

You are one busy lady!

Sue said...

Boy, you really get around, don't you?


Nance said...

I just bought a Hoosier cabinet. I am yet to take possession of it all. I have the base in place . . . just waiting to put the top on . . . in my little cabin in Missouri. I love to browse your booths. Can't wait, until I do it in person some day. Thanks for posting.

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