Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mountain Time & Travel

 It was no easy drive across West Virginia on Sunday. The route I usually take, US Route 33 to Rte 28 to Rte 55--is never one to be taken for granted as it traverses some of the state's steepest terrain. I take it because it is the shortest--and, I think, most scenic--way to get to northern Virginia from where I live. Most of the trip on Sunday looked like this:
 and this:

and this:

Heavy rain, fog and general unpleasantness, basically, made the trip a white-knuckle affair for most of the way. But it was worth it, of course, when I got to see my sisters, a brother and his son, and a couple brothers-in-law. 

The next day I made another pilgrimage, this one to visit my son:

It is never easy to come here; miles ahead I get tense, sad and stressed, remembering those terrible days leading up to this place. But I must come here when I can--not easy since it is over 6 hours away. When I am here, all the bad things wash away. I look at the old, moss-grown graves, the quiet stone chapel and somehow I find a sort of peace. Leaving is the hardest of all. I washed the stone, cleaning away cobwebs and splashed-up dirt, and that activity helped too--I was doing something useful. 

Then I just stayed, looking at the distant blue of the mountains and remembering...remembering. Then it was time to say goodbye and drive away. So hard to not look back.

The next morning this sight greeted me as I left the park:

A sign perhaps? Or just weather being weather? 

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Brighid said...

A sign I think, "all's well Mom, go in Peace"

Michelle said...

a sign

warren said...

What Brighid said...

twistedfencepost said...

Definitely a sign. "All is well"

storytellermary said...

Always a sign . . . perhaps a sign of love which continues always. Hugs to you!

Jenny said...

I think god sends things like the rainbow to comfort us when we need it.

A dear friend recently shared a story like this with me. She was missing her mother very much & she had gone out to clean her back patio, thinking about her mom & wishing she was still here. As she cleaned a hummingbird buzzed her head then hovered right in front of her face for a long time.

What's so significant is that she doesn't have hummingbirds in her yard, she doesn't put out feeders or grow anything for them. But her mom did. Her mom even had a hummingbird trained to sit on her hand. It would come back every spring, for years to her mom's yard. When it arrived it would go to her back door & hover at the door looking for her. My friend wondered about the bird the spring after her mom died. Wondered if it came & looked for her like it always did.

So we both believe God sent this bird to her on a day she really needed to be encouraged & remember some good memories of her mom.

So glad you were able to go this trip.

Granny Sue said...

Jenny, thank you for that story. I think it was a sign too. In some way I have felt Jon watching over me the past 3 years. I know it sounds corny but it's true. And I feel like he is close, always.

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