Saturday, July 27, 2013

Taking the Long Way Home

I have no photos of the storytelling sessions on Tuesday, because I was alone on this trip, no roadie hubby to take pictures. But on the way home, I decided to take my time. Along the way, I saw some beautiful sights:

This is an overlook on State Route 9 West, not far out of Berkeley Springs, WV. This point offers a view of three states. It is unusual for rivers in this part of West Virginia to run muddy, but heavy recent rains and the increased volume of construction work in the eastern counties contributed to high, muddy waters. I believe that is the Great Cacapon (pronounced CuCAYpun, with short u sounds) River below.

In the small community of Great Cacapon, an olde gas station stands boarded up. Larry believes stations built like this were usually bus stops. Anyone know if that is correct, or was it just the style of the times?

A side road promised a public river access so I drove down. Access, all right! The road ran right into the water! This was usually a low-water crossing, but with the river up, I don't think anyone would want to try it.

This is the low-water bridge? Ummm, no thanks. Not today.

A great blue heron flew off just as I approached, and there were birds everywhere by the water. On the way back to the main road, a spot of orange caught my eye:

Saddle Mountain--Abraham Lincoln's mother Nancy Hanks was supposedly born here.

A nice telescope allows travelers to get a close-up view,

and a sign give more historical information about the site.

After many more long miles, I was getting close to home when I thought I was seeing double. But no, the state is replacing road signs.

And finally, home. It was a beautiful ride, and I was glad to see it again, and to remember the many times I've traveled that road and the adventures we had.

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Michelle said...

A beautiful ride you had. We have a lot of those low water bridges here in my county.

Quinn said...

I've been to Berkeley Springs and Cacapon - such a pretty part of the country. Sure wish I could soak my aching muscles in the hot springs right now.

Brighid said...

Love your pic of the tiger lily. We used to have lots of them up at my granny's cabin.

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