Thursday, August 15, 2013

In Sistersville

Frequent readers here know that Sistersville is one of my favorite West Virginia small towns. I always enjoy visiting there and since Monday was such a hot, humid day, we decided to drive up after our visit to Marietta for a quick visit. We took the ferry over from the Ohio side of the river, a trip that is short but such a pleasure. Who doesn't like the sound of water lapping against a boat, soft river breezes and the sight of green mountains sloping gently to the water?

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Lynn said...

You are right lapping water, the breeze I miss ferries I used to live on Vancouver Island in BC, no other way to reach the mainland, it was a heavenly ride. Your Grandchildren continue to have great adventures, such a wonderful summer for them.

Quinn said...

Something about water just nourishes the soul and mind, doesn't it?

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