Friday, August 16, 2013

Peaches, Cake, Chickens and Fire

We've been mostly homebodies this week. The grandkids opted for that; we offered some places we could go but they preferred staying right here, and that was fine with us. This place is endlessly fascinating to children, for some reason. Maybe it's the pets, or the chickens, or the fact that they can roam about and do whatever they want, that they can make noise and build things and there are no neighbors close by to worry about.

Whatever the reason, we've had a lot of good times this week, whether it was picking peaches,

gathering wildflowers,
 checking on the chickens,

 telling tales by the firepit,


making a cake,

(Michaela made this one by herself, even the from-scratch chocolate butter frosting (well, a little help from Granny on that, but mostly by herself),

or making crafts, like this candle lamp they made with a jar, some glass pebbles, a tea light and a lamp chimney,

or learning to shoot Poppa Larry's slingshot

or just taking pictures of the cats,

we all had a great time. It was like a mini-vacation, right here at home. I'm going to miss them when they go home; there is nothing that livens up a house like young voices and energy.

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Lynn said...

every couple of years I plan 'home vacations' we do as the tourists do but out of the way places cuz we can--this sounds a perfect vacation time..i'd like some of that chocolate cake if I may...

Michelle said...

It sounds like those children made some wonderful memories.


I want to be your grand kid - I want to come and roam the hills, check on the chickens and make a lovely lamp. What fun they must have had. Hugs to you.

storytellermary said...

Beautiful cake!! It does look like great fun all around . . . and reminds me of my niece Jillian telling her father (who then told me) that she'd rather just stay at my kid-friendly condo when she came to visit, instead of running around in search of fun . . . ;-)

Jenny said...

It sounds like a lot of fun to me & sadly it's all things kids rarely get to do anymore. I love staying home.

Nance said...

Loved reading this and enjoyed your pics. I had 7 grandchildren (14 yr to 4 yr) at our little Missouri cabin a week ago for a long weekend. Good times : )

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